Pearls of Wisdom - 7-8-9 of Cups

Rede Seeker

We've looked at the 7, 8, and 9 of Cups as separate cards. As a trio I get a choice-vibe.

Seven of Cups - a choice is to be made; how do we choose?

Eight of Cups - a choice has been made and that choice is action to attain one's heart's desire

Nine of Cups - a choice is needed again, but of a different nature; the lady succeeded in her quest (eight of cups) but overflowing success and satisfaction can be intoxicating; with so much available to you, which cup to you drink from?

I see the seven and nine in opposition. In the seven, the lady chooses from a place of Wisdom; she is an active part of the choice process;and there is diversity among the cups she may choose from. In the nine, the lady has her wealth horded and stored, yet it continues to overflow, however the cups are all the same - no balance of offerings, no diversity from which to choose. Now she is separated from the bulk of her choices, however she retains the chalices over her most vulnerable chakras - root, heart, and crown. She can still act from a place of Wisdom. The seven chooses in the light of day; the nine chooses under cover of night - the conscious and subconscious. Check out the ladies' faces. Peace in the seven; a awkward smile in the nine.

This reinforces the passion-vibe of the eight of cups.


Oh how interesting! I hadn't looked at the 3 together yet - but I see what you mean.

I had forgotten about the horse being action - I was wondering why she was "riding away" -- but maybe it's more "action" not leaving.

I like the positiveness in these cards - I have yet to see every single card in the deck; I'm viewing them as they come up for me. And I like what I see!

Have you seen just how many faces are in this deck? Not the obvious ones, but the many silouettes and abstract faces everywhere. I think I have found only 2 that don't conceal hidden faces - hidden identities. Much to think on.

There is a secondary face in the hill behind the horse, and I see an abstract one in one of the cups. Plus a gloved hand holding a cup. Love this aspect of the cards. Pluse - the 8 of Cups is one where the 3-D effect really stands out.


6 Haunted Days

Skydancer said:
Have you seen just how many faces are in this deck? Not the obvious ones, but the many silouettes and abstract faces everywhere. I think I have found only 2 that don't conceal hidden faces - hidden identities. Much to think on.


Yes, the faces and silhouettes are talked about on many threads in the study group!


My cards arrived the middle of last week so I'm only now looking at the threads!! I hadn't read any about all the faces and silhouettes yet!!! ;)

But there sure are a lot!!! I love it!!

And some you only see when reversed. Totally fascinating.
Like I said, I had decided not to buy this deck - but when it arrived as a gift I fell in love immediately. Except for the BGTsilver that has not happened to me before. (although the Drogi was close!)

When I get some more time I'll follow up on the other threads. I got out the Sun card last night so I could write about it on that thread. :laugh:

Since reading about the 3-card relationship right here I've begun to look for other sequences. That should take me well into next week!

I usually think of 10s as "over done" but in this deck they really do seem to be the final event of the suit. I'm still looking at the 8-9-10s. There's more to these than the RWS I think.

Be seein' ya!!


Re: Choices Made in the 7 and 9

RS Thanks for showing me the combination of these 3 cards, I actually had not noticed it until you mentioned it, however, I would like to add just a touch onto what you mentioned about the choices....

For me the 7 of Cups is about 2 kinds of choices... one that is more about hopes and dreams and desires of the heart (the left side) symbolised by the stars and hearts, and on the other side a choice that would lead to a magnificent transformation symbolised by the butterflies... either choice being a beneficial one.

As for the 8 of Cups - were the gloved hands referred to by Skydancer the water's hands holding the top cup of the pryamid?!

The 9 of Cups I agree with what you said about the choice being made and having to make another decision... but for me as opposed to being in opposition it is a continuation, where she has realised her abundance, but also recognises her vulnerabilites as a result and is now choosing how to address the result of the earlier choices towards her ultimate balance.

Rede Seeker

The Gloved Hand on the Eight of Cups

The top cup in the pyramid looks to have two watery 'hands' holding it steady. Several other cups on the pyramid seem to have an extra rivulet of water with a 'thumb' shape that looks to be a gloved hand. One cup on the left column and two on the right have a similar 'thumb'. I hadn't thought of it as a Water Spirit's Hand until Skydancer pointed it out. Interesting what you can see when other people share their insights!

Seven of Cups - good point, Marli. On the left, hopes and dreams are released; on the right transformation is manifested. Interesting that there are seven butterflies, seven hearts, and seven stars for the seven of cups card. I like the three-foldness of this imagery.

In Rune Working, three-ness is built into the Aettir, the three rows of eight Runes that form the Elder Futhark.

First Aettir, Seventh Rune = Gebo, the Rune of the Gift; sometimes considered the three-fold Gift of Odin to Mankind - consciousness-life breath-physical form (ref. Thorsson, 'Runelore')
Second Aettir, Seventh Rune = Elhaz, the Rune of the Ve/Sacred Enclosure
Third Aettir, Seventh Rune = Dagaz, the Rune of Dawn and Twilight, the transition zone and thus a space where Wyrd things can happen.

Applying this to the Seven of Cups: The Lady seems empowered with consciousness-life breath-physical form; She, herself as she is, symbolizes the three-fold Gift of Odin. Her posture in meditation; Her location on a cloud both indicate separation from the mundane world - She is in a sacred space of Her own creation. She sits on a cloud and under a cloud, her head in the clear sky between the two - a space which is beginning to fill with rain (weather in transition) and sitting in the space between her desires and dreams and their physical manifestation. These 'between states' can be interpreted as an aspect of Dagaz.