Pearls of Wisdom - Ace through Four of Wands

Rede Seeker

The Story thus far...

Vibrant Life and Certainty of Success! Nothing can withstand the Ace of Wands and yet, all that energy is controlled somehow so no harm is done to adjacent areas. They grow green and healthy, new life has a foothold.

Super-normal vision is the guiding attribute in the Two of Wands. Which ever way our Traveller chooses is good. He is empowered and able.

What's this in the Three of Wands? No action, no blazing-trail, no warmth, heat or passion...

A journey by night
Harrow-light guides and guards.
Each person has a part to play in this Adventure
Yours to fare-forth and far away
Mine to stay
Our Home Fires to tend.

In the Three of Wands, the vibrant action is in it's most controlled form thus far. The Smiling Moon seems so much more appropriate than a Full Moon for this journey. The Full Moon's light isn't needed to guide the sailors, the Woman's Harrow-light and the sailors' skill and experience at sea do that. It's the Joy of the Journey that makes the Night Sky smile as the ship sails away. There is Trust here, too. Who doesn't have a Loved One who's duty calls them to some place where we can't follow?

In the Four of Wands, more Magick is worked. Unlike the Ace, Two and Three, we see shared workings in the Four. People united for a common cause, working together to stabilize the axis while dancing a spiral dance with it shared between them. The Wands-inspired Action does not necessarily lack the passion of the Ace and Two - in the Four, that passion is balanced and shared - contained and channeled to a goal.

Notice the Sky in the Ace through Four of Wands. In the Ace and Two it could be Dusk or Dawn - a transition time. In the Three, it is Night, but not deep Night, more of an advanced Dusk or soon-to-be Dawn. A similar situation appears in the Four - an advanced Dawn or soon-to-be Dusk. The goal is nearer in the Three and Four.

I still get the old rhyme - Red Sky in the Morning/Sailors take Warning; Red Sky at Night/Sailors' Delight - from this set of cards. In the Ace and Two, the day hasn't fully taken shape - all potential is available. In the Three and Four, the Day/Night state is more advanced, but we don't really know in which direction. I get an 'Aikido' vibe here. Aikido is a martial art where action of an opponent is met and redirected. Spiral energy is one of Aikido's trademarks. Timing is critical, too - meeting the energy at a vulnerable point and redirecting it safely and accruately.


Ace of Wands on ATA cover

I just found out that the Pearls of Wisdom Ace of Wands will be on the cover of the American Tarot Association Quarterly Journal Cover. Quite the honour.

I will let you know when the cover comes out. The Ace of Pentacles was on Mosaic magazine, from Edmonton, cover last Feb. and other images have been used inside on the last two editions.

Thanks to those who are chatting up the deck again. If you have any questions do not hesitate to ask.


Rede Seeker


Are the cover designs related to a theme in the journals?


cover designs

Thank you. I am not sure, maybe they just like that one? I will know more when I get a copy. Just glad it is getting out there. will let you know when it gets here.