Pearls of Wisdom ~ Favourite Cards

6 Haunted Days

I thought it would be fun and interesting to see what our favourite cards are, and perhaps why.

So I went through the deck and found the cards I have a strong affinity this deck quite a few! :)

The Hermit - The card I look at to get a feel for a deck. This one is immensely profound. The books, cave, trees, moon and lanterns combine to make this image extremely personal for me and very radiantly prepossessing. This is my soul card. One of my most treasured Hermit's in any deck! I will be using it for meditations.

The Star - There is a bright energy and hope here, the stars in the background are gorgeous....the flowers and profusion of celestial light make me feel soothed and quiescent. The energy is complete tranquillity.

The Devil - I just love the interpertation of this card! The broken mirror spelling out devil or live.....the distorted and enslaved image is all about illusions and the power of our perception. The words on the outside of the mirror are evocative. This image has a very distinct fairytale quality to it.

The Moon -1 of my all time treasured interpertations of this arcana! The mood of ritual in the deep night opens this card up.

Queen of Swords - She looks so imposing and Elizabethian on her throne with the full moon shining in the casement.

Ace of Pentacles - This card sings abundance and magic to me. Lush and fragrant.

King of Cups - Love his throne! King of Hearts.This image makes me feel the benevolent love and caring of this king.

The World - Honestly The World is usually a pretty quiet, boring card. I love this image!! The earth/sky floor is brilliant as well as the door/key aspect. A brightly dressed tap dancer, how great is that?!

7 of Pentacles - This is an usual image for the 7 of Pents, showing a duality of nature's stages and our role in her bounty. Makes me feel grounded and secure.

9 of Swords - This is an intensely penetrating portrayal! The shadow woman with the dying white rose in the back is sublime in a gothic way. Many layers here. Initiation into some deeper mysteries.

Death - This is the 1st card I fell in deep love with when 1st paging through the deck. Captures transformation sublimely!

The Lovers - The entwined trees, falling leaves, mushrooms and the hill in shape of a woman makes this a lucsious, sensuous card.

7 of Cups - What a joyful card! Visions, happiness, imagination and creativity abound.

The Fool - This captures the Fool's essence very deeply. I love his costume. Who wouldn't adore that dog?!

Page of Wands - The vibrant autumnal colours and warmth here make me smile everytime. Those masks are simply whimsical and charming! A brightly lit stage at night on the water under a full moon. This is probably one of my favourite courts in this deck, have no idea why.

The Hierophant - This image captures the true meaning of this arcana for me superbly, no negative cult leader/organized religion shown here.

5 of Pentacles - Just love the crows stealing pearls out the window, how apt and charming!!

3 of Swords - The dark, deathly Autumn scene here is mesmerizing. The bells are an eerie touch. Another gothic fairytale card.

4 of Swords - Very calm, restful and reposing energy when I gaze at this card. Tranquil.

7 of Swords - I'd love a print of this! Him sneaking across that tree bridge silouhetted by the full moon with the cloud blowing him onwards is a splendid image.

8 of Swords - All the luminescent wind, ribbons of energy and the moon are so eye-catching.

The High Priestess - This image is so magical and has deep inner discernment and perception. The owl, cauldron, apple, book, it!

Ok, obviously many many favourites in this deck, and I didn't even list them all! :laugh: This tarot is fast turning into a very exquisitely personal and treasured deck for's been an enlightening, awe-inspiring, magical and enchanting journey so far filled with much learning and discovery.

I would love to hear about other's favourites and why. It would be wonderful to talk about the stellar, charming, whimsical and resplendent images within this deck with fellow lovers of it :)

:love: Miss 6

Rede Seeker

Whoom Whoom Whoom

There is a pleasure center in my brain that goes WHOOM WHOOM WHOOM when I look through the Suit of Wands. No explanation, just a physical response.

My Soul card is Judgement. The Pearls of Wisdom Judgement card hits the mark for me. I love the waves of Moon light appearing between the branches of the evergreen. It looks like the tree is decorated for Yule. The motion from robed and crowned Woman swirling to different less detailed versions of Helself can go both ways. From fully formed being returning to a latent state or evolving from that state to fully formed being. She loses her crown and pearls as she journeys back but gains them when she returns. Is that her crown on the lower right corner behind the bouquet? This card feels like a spiral expression of the Death card.

Berkano and Perthro are her Runes - Secrets and the Leap of Faith.

The candleholders each have a green-eye emblem - jealousy or envy or just a watchful eye?

My taste in Tarot tends towards darker imagery - Gothic Tarot and Universal Fantacy. The Pearls of Wisdom deck's appeal is a mystery but the WHOOM WHOOM WHOOM is real. There is something for me here.



My favourite cards... hmmm where do I start?

The Fool

The Empress

The Chariot

The High Priestess

The Lovers


Ace of Cups

7 of Cups

2 of Swords

6 of Swords

8 of Swords

Knight of Swords

4 of Pentacles

6 of Pentacles

7 of Pentacles

King of Pentacles

Knight of Wands

Queen of Wands

Wow... so ok I guess I have quite a few huh?

What can I say? I LUV this deck!!!! Thanx again Roxi for making it!


I just acquired the Second Edition of the Pearls of Wisdom and will be reviving many of these threads as I explore and get to know them.

My faves: SO MANY

I find myself drawn to cards not usually considered my favorites.

I went through the deck, pulling the ones that spoke to me most.

The Aces, Kings and Pages - all got pulled.

There is a vibrancy and dynamic in these cards that I've not seen elsewhere.
A vitality.

Of the Aces, Wands is my fave of faves. There is such energy and presence and joy in her.

Among the Kings, its hard to say who is King of Kings.
The opulence of the Pentacles. The caring and of the Cups. THe Energy of the Wands. The Force and Presence of the Swords.

Pages NEVER speak to me. Perhaps that makes it even more pronounce for me, the dedication and diligence of the Pages here. And again, the energy and vitality of the Wands.

Favorite Majors:
The World
The Moon

Two of Wands
Six of Wands

Four of Swords
Five of Swords
Nine of Swords

Two of Pentacles
Three of Pentacles
Six of Pentacles

Two of Cups



nice to see some interest in the Pearls deck, if you have any questions, just ask I check here from time to time.
Hexi, aka Roxi


Well, there aren't any cards that I don't like in this deck. For now, these ar the ones that really jump out at me.

The World
The Devil
The Hermit
The High Priestess
The Lovers
The Magician

7 of Wands
Ace of Cups
3 of wands
Queen of Cups
9 of Cups
7 of Swords

I'm sure the list will get longer as I work more with the deck.

Emm, I agree with you. In this deck, my favorites are often different than they are with most decks. For instance, my favorite card is almost always the Moon and The Hermit. In this deck, I'm really drawn the HP and the Lovers. The Lovers is never among my favorite cards, but here with the trees and all the nature, I absolutely love it.



This deck is a new acquisition for me. I'm enthralled with the images. I like them all.

What really jumps out for me is the Aces. I don't recall seeing Aces before that were personifications of the energy of a suit.

These just jump. They are so vibrant and so well capture their respective suit energies. Delicious.

Other cards that I find particularly moving at this juncture:

Two of Cups
Nine of Cups
Four of Swords
Nine of Swords