Pearls of Wisdom - FOUR of Wands, Pentacles, Cups, and Swords

Rede Seeker

If you place the Fours thus:
Four of Swords
West: Four of Cups East: Four of Wands
Four of Pentacles

and reading clockwise (East, South, West, North)...

East: The four corners are united and turning about the World Axis greeting the Day-Star as She rises.

South: That effort results in rewards - material wealth provides the means to sustain you as you seek the other forms of wealth (represented by the book with the sunwheel on the cover and pearls held in the left hand).

West: With wealth comes abundance. Here is a warning that too much of anything can lead to a leisurely lifestyle - a good thing if kept in moderation. With choices comes the ability to develop good judgement.

North: The opposite of abundance is not necessarily want or need. The wise man/woman knows that a retreat can feed the Soul. Leave the symbols of the good life you have earned outside, set up a sacred space and sit within it. In the stillness the Voice of Spirit can be heard.

This configuration differs from the one shown in 'Tarot Magick' by Kelly Daanan (page 93; Four of Pentacles sits to the North/Four of Swords sits to the South). My configuration is intuitive: Grounding with the Pentacles to the South; Stillness and Contemplation to the North; Beginnings in the East; Flowing Water to the West. East and West - North and South balance each other.


Hi Rede Seeker, once again, you bring greater insights to this deck, and I do like this configuration better as well. Thanks for your continued interest, insights and support of the Pearls deck. Cheers Hexi