Pearls of Wisdom - Four of Wands

Rede Seeker

Celebration! A large torch acts as center-pole around which four Fire Spirits dance, each with a hand holding the torch centered between them. The spiral pattern under their feet make it difficult to determine whether the center-pole/torch is anchored to the ground or held in it's central position by the Fire Spirits holding it. Four Fire Spirits are holding a wand topped with the crystal sphere wrapped around the shaft by ribbons and strings of pearls with their other hand.

The red sky is difficult to rede. If it's 'red sky in the morning' are the Fire Spirits working magick to protect the sailors from the Three of Wands? If it's 'red sky at night' are the Fire Spirits celebrating another day on the journey that will bring the ship home?

The sun has a counter-clockwise sworl and many orange-red-yellow beams eminating from it. There are white fluffy clouds. There is no resting Earth Spirit forming the horizon. This card has rose bushes - a hedge protecting the celebrants?

There is a small white flower - baby's breath, perhaps - surrounding the blooming roses at the top of the card.

There are two Runes on this card: Wunjo/Joy and Dagaz/The Day-Star (Sun) as symbol of the eternal journey. Rune total = Wunjo (8) + Dagaz (23) = 31 = 3 + 1 = 4 for the Four of Wands. Four is also the number of Ansuz, the Rune of Ancestral Sovereign Power ('The Nine Doors of Midgard' by Edred Thorsson).


This image makes me think of a Maypole and of Beltane celebrations.
It's a very happy image.

I've nothing much to add to what you've already said Rede Seeker, this card seems to be one of the more simple images in the deck. I love what you've said about them possibly making magic to protect the sailors from the Three of Wands :)

Their hands are all touching, they're joined and yes, the hedge surrounds them and so provides a safe and secure place for the celebration.