Pearls of Wisdom - Green Earth Spirit

Rede Seeker

Thanks to '6 Haunted Days' I have been able to see an Earth Spirit, usually Green, in 38 cards in this deck. Here's the list:

Major Arcana: Fool, Empress, Emperor, Lovers, Hermit, Hanged Man, Death, Temperance, Devil, Star, Moon

Pentacles: Three, Nine, Ten, Queen, King

Cups: Ace, Three, Four, Five, Six, Eight, Nine, Ten, Page, Knight, King

Swords: Two, Three, Four, Six, Seven

Wands: Two, Seven, Eight, Nine, Queen, King

6 Haunted Days

Thanks for listing all the cards! They really are everywhere aren't they? I simply love it :)


Is this the reclining Goddess image that appears in a lot of cards?
I definitely see her more as The Great Goddess, Nature or The Earth herself more than an 'Earth spirit'.

She's one of the main reasons that I think this deck is resonating so well with me, it's definitely a deck for folks who have a connection to nature or have an Earth or nature based spirituality.

I especially love the way her emotions seem to mirror those of the card that she is in.

Gorgeous :)

Rede Seeker

Reclining Goddess

In some of the cards, She is the Reclining Goddess, in others you'll see a face (eg the Hermit's cave).


Isn't it fun? Add two- the 4 and Knight of Pentacles.