Pearls of Wisdom - King of Cups

Rede Seeker

So much to see in this card, but what jumps out to me is our King's blue eyes. This King sees beyond our expectations; the mirror to his Soul is open and inviting.

The King, himself, is not a particularly remarkable looking man. His golden crown is simple. His beard and hair flow freely over his shoulders and chest. He seems to be smiling. He stands on the grass, wearing brown knee-high boots and blue trousers. His shirt is blue-green; his robe is blue with ermine trim. The King wears a pearl necklace with a red heart-shaped pendant. His right hand holds a golden cup; his left hand rests on the head of a young man, kneeling before him. Crystal blue water flows from the king's cup (his posture indicates that he is pouring the liquid) into the cup held by the young man. Behind the young man is a young woman in pink holding two golden cups. The young man is dressed simply. His hair and beard are yellow-gold in color. He carries a sword at his hip. The young man smiles up at the King.

To the King's right is a low table covered with a blue cloth that reaches to the ground, a red garland with hearts is tied around the table cloth. A pitcher of blue liquid, a golden cup, two bundles of books and two scrolls rest on the table top. Behind the king is a throne, simple in construction with red cushioned seat and back. The top risers of the throne are tipped with red hearts. The King's scepter rests across the arms of his throne. He could easily get it if he wanted to, but in this scene, the King's back is to his throne and scepter. His attention is to the people in front of him.

Further behind the King and his throne is a willow tree complete with smiling Tree Spirit. An Earth Spirit appears on the King's left on the horizon. Rivers flow from this Earth Spirit's eyes and mouth and join into one stream near the Earth Spirit's ear. We don't see where this single river flows, however there is a flowing river in front of the King and the two young people with him. This river holds three green and gold fish.

The sky above the King is a pale blue. Fluffy clouds and a beaming yellow-orange sun complete the sky.

The top border of this card holds two golden fish placed tail-to-tail. There are two streams of water flowing from each fish's mouth and down the column. The upper corners, near the fishs' mouths is a golden shelf holding a pearl inside a pink-colored box or shell. The left-hand column has a golden bracket with a pearl necklace with red heart pendant handing from it. One of the two streams of water flow over the pendant, one flows beside it. Both streams flow on either side of a large golden cup at the base of the card. The red heart pendant drips water into the cup below it. The cup does not overflow, but is is filled to the rim. The right-hand column also has a golden bracket holding a red heart-shaped crab and pearl. The King's scepter leans against this column, his crown is at it's base.

The red heart-shaped crab repeats throughout this card. The crab is Cancer, a water sign of the Zodiac.

The columns are covered, I don't see any Runes peeking through.

Our King is out in the open air, under a friendly sun. His attitude towards the two young people with him seems to me to be one of benediction. This King is well provided for. He has access to his comforts, but they are not the focus of his attention. He stands on the grass at a river's edge and gives freely from his own cup (he could pour from the pitcher on the table) to those who come to him and he meets them half way (he could have stayed on his throne).