Pearls of Wisdom - King of Pentacles

Rede Seeker

Abunadace and Fertility surround the King of Pentacles. His card brims with material wealth.

The King is seated on a golden throne. A pentacle is etched on one side, there is probably another on the side we can't see. The throne rests on a pentacle worked into the earth, not on a tiled floor. It is outside and surrounded by Nature. A smiling Tree Spirit stands behind the throne. A table sits to the King's left. It is covered with a light blue cloth upon which are a bowl of grapes and a vase of tiger lilies. The bowl and vase are a red-pink color and have golden pentacles across their bellies. To the King's right is an open chest brimming with pearl necklaces, golden crowns, what appear to be coin purses, and some scrolls. A purse has fallen spilling it's contents at the King's feet. Around the throne are red tulips and another red flower (amaryllis?).

The sun shines down upon the King on his throne, but not too hotly - the smiling Tree Spirit shields him. It reminds me of a scene in the movie 'Ran' by Akira Kurosawa - there is an outdoor banquet with fellow Kings/Nobelmen; the Elderly King/Father falls asleep and the guests decide to withdraw; the Elderly King/Father's three sons are the last to leave; the youngest son looks to his Father before leaving, then looks to the sky, then back to his Father; he walks resolutely towards a nearby bush, draws his sword and cuts three long, leaved branches from it; he takes them to where his Father is sleeping, pushes them into the ground around him and in the most touching scene - carefully arranges the leaves and branches so they cover his Father in shadow.

Our King is seated, holding a golden pentacle/coin slightly above eye level. He holds a long scepter of twisted gold in the other hand. The head-piece of this scepter is a gold coin with an equi-distant cross etched in the center with three pearls above and three pearls below it. The King wears a golden crown decorated with three pearls, three coins, and one gem-shaped stone. There is a woven pattern at the lower edge of the crown, where it rests on the King's head that is difficult to describe. Perhaps it's just ornamentation.

The King is dark-skinned - he spends much time outdoors in the sun. His teeth show white and even, like pearls themselves. He has pearls woven into his hair; he wears pearl rings, and a pearl and gold clasp hold his cape about his shoulders. The cape is purple with white fur (ermine?) trim. It is open wide in front showing very un-king-like clothing. For a all his material wealth, he is dressed simply in a green shirt; blue trousers; high buckled boots; and an orange sash. The King of Pentacles is in good shape - for a man surrounded by material wealth, he is not overweight from inactivity. However, his attention is focused on the golden pentacle/coin he holds. He does not face us directly, we approach him from the left. Does he see us? How do we get his attention?

There is blue sky and light clouds in the sky above our King.

The upper corners of this card are filled with branches in leaf and bud (another reminder for me of that scene from 'Ran'). There are heavy coin purses with pentacle decorations and a short strand of pearls on a green cord handing from a gold hook on both columns. The short strand of pearls seems to be part of the purse strings. There are red tulips growing at the lower left corner of the card; a gold pentacle/coin rests in front of them; a tiger lily flower is on the ground next to it. The right corner has the other red flower (amarylis?) with a crown resting in front of it and three green grapes on the ground next to it.

The Rune Fehu is marked on the left-hand column; Wunjo is on the right.
Fehu = Wealth and Energy
Wunjo = Joy, Harmony, and Prosperity
Fehu = First Aettir, First Rune = 1
Wunjo = First Aettir, Eighth Rune = 8
Note that here we travel the entire length of the First Aettir - from Fehu to Wunjo. This is sometimes considered 'Runic Shorthand' for including all the Runes in between. An image reinforced by the image of our King sitting between both Runes. Therefore, the King of Pentacles also has access to the energies of:
Uruz = Tenacity and Freedom
Thurisaz = Vital Eroticism and Regenerative Catalyst
Ansuz = Enthusiasm and Transformation
Raidho = Action and Ordered Growth
Kenaz = Technical Ability and Creativity
Gebo = Generosity
Our King is fully empowered by the building blocks of life which lead from the beginning of all things (Fehu) to joy (Wunjo). What comes next?
Fehu + Wunjo = 1 + 8 = 9 = Hagalaz = the next step in Life's adventure; the ability to survive experiences outside our control. The foundation is set by the First Aettir; challenges come with the Second.

My rede on this King of Pentacles is a master of Wealth and Prosperity. An able leader but someone who's attention is focused in maintaining the good life for his people. It may be hard to get his attention. He has a relationship with Nature; they support each other.


Either way with this king...

At first glance I liked this King, but then when I really looked at him, he has a very weird expression on his face as he looks at the pentacle in his hand, almost a crazed wild look to him.

Here he sits secluded, amongst nature, but not really noticing any of the beauty that's surrounding him, maybe enjoying the spoils of a plunder or with his favourite possessions.

I get just the opposite feeling to you RS, that he's more concerned with his riches and and accumilation of them, than that of the welfare of his subjects, he is removed and has on blinders to all that surrounds him save for the pentacle.

Then again, at a second glance, maybe this is where he comes to think on how best to dispense his wealth, taking into consideration how peaceful the nature spirits look around him.

In the end, I feel very conflicted on this king, I guess, ultimately for me it could go either way with this him.

Rede Seeker

I see what you mean

This King does look a bit crazed. He focuses on derived wealth (the coin) and not the source of the wealth (abundance of Nature that surrounds him).

I guess I see the King of Pentacles differently now that the economic crisis has gone global. The King is obsessed with the coin not necessarily with what gives the coin value. It's just a medium of exchange, there needs to be something behind it. There is in this card, but the King doesn't seem to see it.

Yet, Nature continues to favor him. I like how the tree behind the throne shields the King for the sun's fullness.