Pearls of Wisdom - King of Swords

Rede Seeker

Our King sits close to us, facing us directly, a large crystal point held upright in his left hand; a sword in his right, tilted from left-to-right. Justice is tempered (the tilted sword). The upright crystal is huge and by its size, must be heavy; it serves to ground him to the earth. This King's air-inspired wisdom is anchored to this earth.

The King and his throne almost completely fills the alcove. The throne appears sturdy and is not particularly elaborate. The Kng wears a blue-purple mantle edged in ermine; knee-high boots, clean with large buckles with a blue stone set in the center. His trousers are a deep blue, blending in to the mantle he wears; his shirt is a vibrant green. The King wears a red sash held at the shoulder by a golden broach - either a sun or sunflower. He wears a pearl necklace with a round gold pendant which seems to echo the round gold moon over his head. The King's crown is gold and simple with three peaks topped with diamond-shaped crystals. Our King is blonde with shoulder-length hair and a trimmed beard. His eyes are as blue as his sword.

The King sits below a small window. A gold-colored full moon surrounded by stars can be seen through the window. This moon has a white halo. There is no indication that it's light enters the throne room. The stone wall behind the throne is barely visible.

The columns and arch that form this card's border has a single trailer of ivy climbing across them. There are shelves in the upper corners. The shelf on the left side holds a censor; there are streamers of vapor spreading from it. the shelf on the right holds a pomegranite, cut in half to reveal the seeds inside. There is a bracket on the right-hand column holding a strand of pearls with a round gold pendant. The King's crown rests at it's base. the left-hand column has the sword resting with point down and the crystal directly in front of it, point up with a string of pearls with gold pendant surrounding it's base.

The Runes Uruz and Tiwaz are etched into the columns.
Uruz = vitality
Tiwaz = leadership

Earth and Air are represented - does the King combine them as the source of his authority? There is no emotion present and very little action implied - just the censor's streamers.

I'm not getting a particularly "kingly' vibe from this guy. He has the authority by virtue of his crown and throne. He's sitting alone in a dark place - a harvest moon visible above his crown and crown chakra as a sign of inspriation, perhaps. Still, he is making his presence known and looks us straight in the eye.


His Eyes and Presence

When I look at this card, it does not indeed look to me as though he's staring at us, but rather to his left side, as though he's listening to someone we can't quite see.

Another thing that struck me, is that he is one of the few characters here with enlarged hands.

I do get the feeling that he is someone who is not afraid of whatever may come his way as a result of his power, as it seems as though he has intentionally positioned his chair on the carpet directly at the front as opposed to behind it, keeping everyone seperated from himself.

He sits ready and waiting for whatever is expected of him, be it wisdom or combat. I like this king.


He looks kind of sleepy-eyed and disinterested in whatever is going on, I think. I can almost hear his sword go "tink-a-ching!" against the tip of the crystal he holds, or maybe he's sharpening the blade with the crystal.