Pearls of Wisdom - Page of Swords

Rede Seeker

Good News, the Best
How can it be otherwise?
Clear skies
After a shower - Roots are nurished
The Earth renewed
Crystal widsom resonates with the Rainbow, too.

The young man is almost lost in the detailing of this card. He is as much a part of the image as the raindrops and daffodils - there is no separation between him and the message he receives and relays. The message comes from Nature and from Spirit (rainbows and crystals)

A Page kneels beside a puddle. His right hand holds a dagger; his left is on the hilt of his sword. The sword-point is suspended over the puddle, not touching it.

The young man wears knee-high boots, dark blue trousers, a light blue shirt with red-pink tunic/vest belted at the waist. His cap seems to be done in a pink and blue pinwheel pattern with a feather in the sweatband. He wears a pearl necklace with a round golden pendant. The pendant reminds me of the sun above him. The young man is gazing into the water at his feet. What message does he see there?

The foreground is filled with flowers and grasses. There is a three terminal crystal cluster with a rainbow arcing from one end to the next, but the Page's gaze is not towards the crystal cluster.

The puddle he gazes into is fed by rain drops from light fluffy clouds low in the sky. A rainbow bridges these clouds. Above the rainbow is a yellow sun beaming to the world above and to the Page below. Our young man is bathed in the sun's rays, fresh from a storm. Remember how the world smells after the rain? What rain-song has the Page heard? What images are reflected in the puddle?

Behind the Page are grasslands, trees, and hills - all fresh and vibrant. To his left is a Tree Spirit, smiling facing us, but looking to the Page. There is something else behind the Page. I can't tell if it's another puddle or if the puddle he kneels beside is a part of a larger formation.

There are pine branches at the upper corners of the card. The left-hand side has a sword, point down, and the three terminal crystal cluster at it's base. The right-hand side has a golden bracket holding the pearl necklace with golden pendant. There are flowers, a daffodil and a purple corn-flower, at the base.

Note that the Five Elements are represented:
Earth = ground beneath his feet; the trees and grasses; possibly the crystals
Air = clouds
Fire = beaming sunlight
Water = raindrops and the puddles
Spirit = rainbows; possibly the crystals

The Rune Tiwaz is etched on the left-hand column; Sowilo is etched on the other.
Tiwaz = Justice and Order = third Aettir, first Rune = 17
Sowilo = Success and Honor = second Aettir, eighth Rune = 16
Tiwaz + Sowilo = 17 + 16 = 33 = 3 + 3 = 6 = Controlled Energy and Ability

Tiwaz + Sowilo also equals the 'Sig-Tyr' galdar = Success and Victory!

Our Page of Swords is well connected with Nature; he respects it and redes its signs. He brings messages of Success and Victory. He is self-controlled and well able to rede Nature's wisperings.

The sword, I understand, since it's the Suite of Wands. Any thoughts on why he is holding his dagger?


Thanks again Rede Seeker for your insights into the cards, I enjoy checking out your write ups every now and again.

The page of swords is quite young for his station, the sword is too large for him yet, he is wise beyond his years. The dagger relates to this aspect. His intellect is sharp and he has gained control over his dagger, as he gains the strength and wisdom to wield the sword.

There is more to this card for me on a personal level, the puddle, and the page himself have a deeper meaning for me, but, as always, you have read image well.

What is your source for the Rune stones? I find I learn more each time I read your posts.

Rede Seeker

Years of Practice and Study

Thank you, Hexi, for such a delightful deck. I learn so much from these cards.

I've been working with Runes for over 10 years. My 'day-job' is as a mechanical engineer, so I love to work with the numbers and build bindrunes that incorporate sound, shape, meaning and number (ref. 'Runelore' by Edred Thorsson).

Thorsson is my favorite author. His writing style can be daunting but there is a resonance for me. I recommend: Runelore, Futhark, At the Well of Wyrd, and The Nine Doors of Midgard.