Pearls of Wisdom - Queen of Cups

Rede Seeker

This card feels like a cool grotto. A pleasant dampness is in the air. It carries the sound of gently moving water and the scent of fresh water that so few people can experience today. The water here has a life force, hence the glow that lives in it.

The Queen is robed in a veil-like gown that does not conceal the naked body beneath. The gown shimmers like the water that flows from her throne to her cup and into the river or pond at her feet. But her gown and those waters do not touch, blend or merge. Her feet are both in the water and we can see her reflection under the ripples in the water.

The edge of this river or pond is tiled. This is not a natural embankment. There appears to be a similar tile row behind the Queen's throne area. The space between seems to be covered with a red carpet. There is a large planter with flowers on the Queen's right side; a plant-stand with an urn filled with flowers on her left. On the ground between these planters and the throne we can see some flowers that have fallen from their containers and some stray petals. The Queen sits on a dark-colored throne. A white dove perches on the right upper corner; a golden fish rests on the left. The dove and fish are connected by a white shsh. The fish pours a stream of liquid from it's mouth into a golden cup held by the Queen. That cup overflows into the waters at her feet.

The Queen gazes intently at the cup she holds slightly below eye level. Her hair is dark with bright highlights, similar to the gown she wears. She holds the cup in her left hand. Her right hand appears to be cupping her left breast. She wears a pearl ring on both her right and her left hands; a pearl necklace with a red heart pendant; and pearl earrings. The Queen wears a high crown of ornamented gold with pearls and a red stone at it's center. There are pearls lining the scalloped design of the crown, but on the inside of the crown where they are visible only if you stand behind the Queen. She has a purple cloak but does not use it to cover her near-nude self. There is a scepter of twisted gold with a gold heart shape at the top. Inside the heart shape is a red heart topped with a pearl.

The Queen faces toward the river/pond but does not look at or into it - we can't see what is beyond it. Behind the Queen is an open space, perhaps a garden. A Spirit Tree smiles behind her. There are new leaves on it's branches and a golden moon caught in the upper limbs. The golden moon is above the Queen's head but not directly above her crown. The sky is changing -black and white turning over to something else - or maybe turning from day to the black and white of night - this is a transition sky - our Queen is in a 'Between Time' where Magic is more accessible.

There is a golden fish on the left top corner of this card. Water continues to stream from it's mouth down the column, through the heart shaped space in the sceptor resting against the lower left column, then into a golden cup at the base of the card. This cup overflows. There is a white dove holding a white sash perched on the upper right corner of this card. The sash trails down the column. There is a bouquet of roses at it's base, the Queen's crown, and her pearl necklace are also at the bottom of the column.

The Rune Laguz marks the left column; Berkano is on the right. Laguz is the 'Water' Rune; Berkano is the 'Birth' Rune.
Laguz = third Aettir, fifth Rune = 21
Berkano = third Aettir, second Rune = 18
Laguz + Berkano = 21 + 18 = 39
39 = 3 + 9 =12 = Jera = the Rune of Fertility and Harvest
Laguz is a Rune of Intuition, and being water, represents Life Force.
Berkano is another Fertility Rune; it also represents the concealment necessary to protect fragile life while it grows to fullness. This card is loaded with Life Energy in it's unshaped form (Water) in it's formation (Birth) and delivered to the world (Harvest and Birth). There is concealment, too, what lurks under the waters where roots cannot be seen and for 9 months the form life takes is concealed until Nature's clock says 'Release' (Birth and Harvest).

Our Queen of Cups is in a hidden place, dark by choice - the necessity for seclusion during deeply emotional times. Nature is behind her, supporting her activities, but her throne rests on a man-made strip of land - indicating a separation from Nature even though she fills it with growing things. Our Queen is constrained by her office. Does she regret her position? It doesn't look very comfortable - the throne is rigid, the space she inhabits is unadorned. What flowers she brought with her seem to struggle to survive.


The Queen's Gown

Wow RS - You've done it again! I had not noticed that the queens dress was transparent until you mentioned it - thanks for that!

I look at her and I see seclusion yes, but in that seclusion happiness and freedom. It seems to me as though we are given a glimpse of her "secret garden" here, where she sneaks away to when she feels the need...

Decorated simply to suit the true nature of her personality, yet still bearing the marks of her throne, which bear the same "S" like symbol that resembles the pattern of the golden sceptre she carries, giving a gentle reminder of her office. And if one looks even closer, you would notice that her throne is indeed half in the tiled section and half way in what I assume to be the garden portion (because of the presence of the tree).

In history, Purple was one of the colours of royalty, here she has the robe tossed behind her and a sheer gown is seen, and if we place her back to those days, then this maybe the only place outside where she can sneak away to, that's all about her and dress physically comfortably as opposed to the dress of the Q. of Swords. To me this idea is compounded by the fact that the gown is in such stark contrast to her robe, crown and scepter, as though she may have snuck out after she was suppose to have retired for bed.... hence the nightfall in the background.

I see her at peace and content, she looks to me as though she is using the cup of running water as her focal point for meditation perhaps, and the single roses surrounding her, seem to have been placed into an intentional triangle, one on each side of her throne on the ground, and the last rests in her lap, in front of the scepter.

What better place to find peace, but in an environment surrounded by all of the beautiful things that embody who you are, allowing the inhibitions of daily life to temporarily be forgotten, and just immersing oneself in the spirit of the water and surrounding tranquility.