Pearls of Wisdom - Queen of Pentacles

Rede Seeker

Sun-Gold and Swirling
Greenery abounds
Wealth of the Earth surrounds her
Wealth of Humanity greets her at the hem of her gown.

The King of Pentacles is sunburned and surrounded by the rewards his efforts have brought him. The Queen of Pentacles is fresh and pink. Wealth surrounds her, but she has space to enjoy it all.

The Queen of Pentacles stands on a pentacle worked into the earth, similar to the King of Pentacles. Where his pentacle is almost obscured by his throne and outward signs of wealth; the Queen's pentacle is more clearly visible under her feet. Four of the five points appear beneath her and the three children who are with her. To me, the image looks like a butterfly ready to carry them off to some adventure - kind of like the sea ray/school bus from 'Finding Nemo'. Around the patch of bare earth worked into a pentacle shape, we see thick, rich greenery. Grass surrounds it, a cherry tree grows on the left, a table with white cloth sits behind the Queen. The table is set for a feast - but not over-set - there is space at the table for more. The white cloth is decorated with a rose garland. A green Earth Spirit forms the horizon. She is looking towards the Queen and her friends, smiling while she dreams.

The stone archway that forms the card's border is cut into three scalloped shapes. Together they seem to form an 'eye' shape with the sun in the center. The sun is the same golden color with center swirl as the Queen's gown and belly. There are gentle clouds to the right and left of the sun-eye.

The Queen herself stands in the center of everything. Her dress is golden with red-gold highlights. Her belly and breasts have swirls of energy around them. Her sleeves are open, bell-shaped. Her dress has a red and white (pearls perhaps) at the hem. The neckline is a deep scoop neck with red trim. At her hips a belly dancer's sash with strings of pearls and a pentacle at it's centerpoint. It's easy to imagine the sound it makes as she walks. For all her elegance, her shoes are simple.

The Queen's crown rests high and heavy on her head. How does she keep it balanced? It is ornate, but she can't see it, so it must be for show - the rest of her regalia looks comfortable and functional.

The Queen holds the Earth in her right hand and a long crystal-point in her left. At her feet are three children. A little girl in pink dress, wearing a pearl necklace and a garland in her hair, offering the Queen a bouquet of flowers. There is a boy sitting on the pentacle surrounded by books, both hands by his side. There is a boy, older like one of the Pages, kneeling, offering the Queen a strawberry. These children remind me of the children sitting at the feet of the Hierophant. The Queen's expression is joyous - here is the wealth that is most important to her. Her back is to everything else. Her regalia is part of who she is - Wealth and Prosperity embodied.

There are stawberries climbing up both sides of this card. The lower left-hand corner holds a large golden pentacle with several pentagrams in descending size at it's center. A pearl necklace rests beside it. The lower right-hand corner holds the queen's large crown and the crystal point, entwined in strawberry vines. The upper corners of this card hold golden shelves. Each with a blue bowl with pentacle ornamentation across the centerline. The bowl on the left holds cherries; the bowl on the right is filled with grapes, bananas, and a pineapple.

Runes are scribed on the lentel: Fehu and Berkano.

Fehu = Wealth and Life Force = First Aettir, First Rune
Berkano = Birth-Life-Rebirth = Third Aettir, Second Rune
Fehu + Berkano = 1 + 18 = 19 = Ehwaz = Trust and Loyalty; partnership

The Queen of Pentacles is the Life Force of the Land made Human. The children recognize this in her. She is the 'loaf-generator' of Teutonic Lore.