Pearls of Wisdom - Six of Pentacles

Rede Seeker

Here we see the Good Life - sunshine, leisure, a table provided at the edge of a barren area.

In the center a man dressed like a superhero stands upon a pentacle, two gold pentacle-coins under each foot, a golden pentacle-coin in each hand. His left hand is in the 'receiving position'. Wealth comes to him. Wealth is his foundation (coins under each foot chakra). Wealth is near to his heart (chakra).

Our superhero is sun-browned with pearls woven into his hair. He smiles at us - Bacchus-like. His joy is infectious. The pearls and wild hair remind me of Medusa, with her snake-tresses. Medusa the Gorgon is often used as a warning. Perhaps our man with wealth twined about his head is a warning, too, of the manic joy that can come with abundance. His Bacchus-like expression reinforces that idea for me.

Directly above his head is the sun in full glory, beaming upon the world. The man wears green leotards with golden trunks and tank-top; a green belt studded with six pearls and a golden pentacle buckle. He wears read shoes and a purple cape pinned to his shoulders by a set of golden pentacle buckles.

Our man has been successful in whatever venture he was in. He stands alone on the rewards of his efforts.

The pentacle he stands on is worked in shades of brown, like the rich, fertile earth. In addition to the coins he stands on, there is an open coin purse with six coins spilling from it. The earth around this pentacle is in lighter shades of brown and in bands of color, like a sand-painting. In the distance, over the man's right shoulder, we see a table with blue-white table cloth loaded with fruit, a wine bottle and glasses. Behind that is a hammock slung between two palm trees. A woman lounges in the hammock. There is a large dog lounging in the distance to the man's left. The background is filled with palm trees heavy with fruit. The scene looks like a picnic at the beach. Our man and his lady have leisure time and enjoy a good life. The sky above them is blue with gentle clouds.

Again I get a warning vibe. Why is he standing out on the beach displaying his wealth rather than enjoying it with his lady? How much distance separates him from enjoying the fruits of his labors? The table, trees, even the dog are in the distance, waves of sand seem to separate him from them. Does he even notice?

The upper corners of this card each hold a shelf with a bowl loaded with fruit - banana's and grapes. Some of the grapes have fallen onto the shelf - the bowls are filled to the max. A strand of three pearls dangle from the lower bracket of each shelf.

The sides of this card hold identical golden brackets studded with six pearls. A purple coin purse hangs from each bracket. We can see these purses are full, too.

In the lower corners we see three golden pentacle-coins and three grapes.

The Rune Ingwaz is marked on the left-hand column; Dagaz is marked on the right.
Ingwaz = Rune of isolation/separation for internal growth
Dagaz = Awareness; Enlightenment

Ingwaz = Third Aettir, sixth rune = 22
Dagaz = Third Aettir, seventh rune = 23
Ingwaz + Dagaz = 22 + 23 = 45 = 4 + 5 = 9 = Hagalaz = Rune of consolidated energy/power for release at another time

Runically we see a higher level of evolution (Third Aettir) where it's necessary to separate from the herd to recover and restore what is of value to us. What we generate we can store in a useable form for future use.

I really want to have a warm and friendly feeling towards this Six of Pentacles, but I get too many warning vibes. Yes, wealth is wonderful, it provides a good life for our families. Wealth can be intoxicating. But it also challenges us - hence the Third Aettir Runes on the sides and not the First Aettir - Aettir of production and a good, enjoyable live.

Rede Seeker

Large Dog in the distance?

Yikes - do I need glasses? A second look says that 'dog' may be a couple in an embrace. Why are they earth-colored and distant? Any theories?