Pearls of Wisdom - Six of Wands

Rede Seeker

And the winner is.....

The Five of Wands shows action without a unified direction. Whatever prevented the players from co-operating or their actions from 'jelling' has been overcome in the Six of Wands. There is a clear hero but notice that the Team raises him/her on their shoulders - the hero didn't act alone.

Our hero is female; her Team consists of male and female and at least one child. They all wear their Fire Suit Colors of yellow, orange and red with green belts and showes. They all carry a giant pearl topped wand with ribbons of green and yellow twined around the top; each wand has a string of pearls twined around it's shaft. The shafts all have green leaves growing from them.

There is a great swirling sun with radiating energy like a sunflower at the top of the card; light fluffy clouds form under it. the sky is blue. The Team stands on two structures. The lower, smaller one is purple; the larger, higher one is brown. Both have steps leading to the top. I don't see why there are two platforms - anyone have an idea on this?

Six wands stand along the edges of this card; one each in the top corners, two each in the lower corners. All these wands have green and yellow ribbons and a string of pearls twined along the shaft.

Both sides of the border hold a laurel wreath - indicating victory.

The Rune Tiwaz marks the left column; Uruz marks the right. Tiwaz is the Rune of the God Tyr, the Judge-King of Asatru, a maintainer of tradition (as opposed to Odin the Priest-Magician).

From the Old English Rune Poem:

Tyr is a token,
It keeps Troth well Noble Men
Ever on it's course
Through the mists of Night
It never Fails

Tyr is the Rune of Leadership and Good Judgement; it also represents 'Rightness' on a global level (as opposed the 'Rightness' of Raidho and Jera).

Uruz is the Rune of Formation, it is the 'will-to-form' that makes it possible for us continue to evolve. We are connected to a cosmic wellspring and can draw on that energy.

Tyr is the seventeenth Rune of the Elder Futhark.
Uruz is the second Rune of the Elder Futhark.
Tyr + Uruz = 17 + 2 = 19 = Ehwaz = Trust and Loyalty; Partnership

While our hero led well and transformed a situation (created a product), our hero didn't do it alone, hence the Team cheering her on. The Team needed a focal point as much as the Leader needed their support - the partnership of Ehwaz.


Here's an image of the card.


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