Pearls of Wisdom Tarot OUT OF PRINT


Well today I go public with the news that my tarot deck The Pearls of Wisdom Tarot, is now officially out of print. The publisher 7th House, no longer has the right to print, sell or publish my deck anymore.

A little history... the first edition of 10,000 decks was flawed, most of those decks ended up in the Houston landfill (at least that is what I was told, there was no proof of this sent to me) The second edition also had issues different than the first edition, but still problems with it. These were the result of decisions made by the publisher. In this past year she also quit supplying the deck to, and priced jumped up for resellers (good for them but I see none of that $). Then she told the distributor that the deck was out of print, so not acting in good faith. On top of all of that, she has not paid me for over a year. So she violated the contract in many ways. A letter from a lawyer has been sent. She has still not complied. Please do not support her in anyway.

As you can imagine, this has been very difficult. I am hopeful that I will be able to find a new publisher who will see the beauty of my deck and recognize how many people love the deck, which received many 5 star reviews. Feedback that I received was always favourable, and the Pearls of Wisdom deck stands alone in the world of Tarot. Not a clone of any other deck, it is very good for readings as the images are uplifting and positive.

If you have my deck and liked it, and would love to see a new high quality gold gilded deck please drop me a message so I can add it to the package I will send to the publishers. I want to take the Pearls of Wisdom tarot more global, (for a short while it was available world wide and did very well) I think the Pearls deck is the kind of deck that is needed in the world today with it's upbeat and optimistic message. I am very optimistic that it will be an amazing 3rd edition wish me luck everyone.


Good luck to you Hexi!

The Pearls of Wisdom deck is beautiful and unique in its artwork and detail. You are right in that so many Tarotphiles have a copy! Myself included. I hope you find a publisher and are able to do with this deck what you truly want!


I have the second edition, and really love the artwork! People always ask where they can purchase one. I hope it will be back in print!


pearls of Wisdom Tarot decks available here.

there are a few signed copies of both first and second editions
some signed prints in a hand painted tin box
and some magnets

these are all limited edition and will not be reproduced as such again.

Cheers. Hexi


Hi Hexi, nice to find you here, after I just bought your Tarot deck 2 weeks ago. Because it was as you say out of print, I paid a pretty penny for was $75 I believe. I had actually been searching online for the Cosmic Tribe Tarot, wanted to see example card images from it, and somehow that search brought up images from your deck, which i realized I preferred, so I ended up buying yours and not the Cosmic Tribe. I do hope you can get it printed again. How terrible that so many decks ended up in the landfill. We can hope that deposit will make that landfill a more sacred place, but still it is sad.

I used your Pearls of Wisdom deck just recently to do a Tarot reading with my psychotherapist at her office. I asked what I needed to work on next in therapy, and got the Tower Rx, which to me said, I was to work on more subtle things, now that some of the bigger disasters and urgencies/emergencies are about over. My therapist asked the question, what could she look for in me and what could she bring to the work to help me, and got your card the Ace of Cups, which is the pink lady joyously (I perceived) pouring water over herself. What a wonderful expression. Both these readings seemed spot on. The colorful and playful energy of the cards also really helps me emotionally.

Rede Seeker


So sorry if my language offends anyone. I've been involved in my own drama for a few years and just got back to - and this is what I find!

Hexi - we've corresponded privately in the past. You know how I adore the Pearls of Wisdom deck. Please put me on your contact list - if there is a new edition of the deck, I want one.


Hexi, as another lover of your work, I do home you are able to find a reputable publisher so that you can get your deck published once again. Pearls is a gift, and I hope many others will be able to enjoy it.


hello Hexi, i was wondering is there any news about a third printing yet.
I just discovered your deck and story online and i would love to have my own copy of your deck


Pearls of Wisdom Tarot

no new deck is sight, but an App is in production and will be available this year some time. It will have all new write ups by the artist and the original paintings were photographed with a Zeiss lens and digitally enhanced.

If you are on Facebook you can see the video here. and you can see all the enhanced images here as well.

Looking forward to the App coming out for adroid and apple. It is being developed by Tony Newell.

I have applied to a few other publishers to create a third edition and am awaiting replies. wish me luck.

On another note, I am working on an Oracle deck called "Reclaiming Joy" which will deal with rebuilding your life after loss and trauma, something I am doing yet once again in this lifetime. I am using my art as therapy and will create a different type of oracle that will help people recover from difficulty and sorrow.

I will post some images soon. Cheers all.