Pearls of Wisdom Tarot workbook update.


Thought I would give everyone an update on the Pearls of Wisdom Tarot Major Arcana workbook/journal. I have been working hard on the art projects of late, over 200 photos and just finished Temperance. These paintings, signed by the artists, will be go, in order, to the first 22 workbook purchasers as a huge thank you for ordering. Great for all the collectors out there.

I have completed all the writing, and now am into editing. The handbook includes an indepth write up explaining the symbolism and story behind each image; the inspiration behind each painting, a meditation that puts you right into the card; a variety of quotes that add deeper meanings; art projects that act as art therapy to free up seasoned artists and open up art to non artists. No artistic talent it needed, this is paint and play, with Tarot symbolism thrown in.

In the projects, you paint with the elements of water (food colouring) air (straws, and drying) and fire (candle wax dripping) and earth (salt and gold/silver leaf or glitter). You also draw with a bees wax candle, so you have little control and don't know what you get until it is revealed by painting. The process is quite magical as you really don't know what you will have until you brush off the gold leaf and see the finished product. Each project uses the elements and materials in a different way. In the end you will have your own Pearls of Wisdom Major Arcana inspired Deck.

This package will also be great for those of you who give Tarot workshops, as it can act as a handbook to teach the Pearls of Wisdom Tarot. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the deck, it is not a clone and has it's own symbolism.

Included in the package will be a Mini set of the Pearls of Wisdom Major cards, layout sheets for 5 new spreads and two new guest healing spreads. (Bonnie Cehovet and Alec Satin). The main book will have larger images of each card so you can really see the details. An alphabetical listing of the symbolism used a list of the Runes and their meanings and the art projects. The separate workbook/journal will have question sheets for each card and room to write your impressions and answer the journal questions.

Once I have found the right boxes, we will reverse engineer the product to fit so that shipping is easy. Then to the printers, I am self publishing this project and printing locally in Canada.

If you would like to be on the notification list, email me at


Pearls of Wisdom webinar

Hi there everyone, I have been so busy writing and editing and getting my App to the publisher and my slide show for my webinar. Here is a link there are still some spaces available.
The Workbook Journal is in the final editing stages, it has over 600 colour photos, will include a mini majors deck a Pearl-essence deck, hand book with large images of the majors, full new write ups, guided meditations, my inspiration, and art projects for each card. In addition there are 5 new spreads with layout sheets and three guest spreads from Bonnie Cehovet, Alec Satin and Pamela Steele.
come check out the webinar Apr. 1st. or at your leisure after that date. Cheers Hexi.


Hi Hexi,

Soooo exciting!! as a POW addict I just sent in my formal req to be on the notification list... can't wait!! and gl with everything :)


got it Marli, will be letting everyone on the list know as soon as I do the costs of the printing etc. I am in the final editing stages and will meet with my printer this week. cheers and hope you are well. Roxi


Pearls of Wisdom Tarot radio show

Hi Everyone here is an update. I will be interviewed in a radio show about the Pearls of Wisdom Tarot Kit- Handbook, Workbook/Journal and art projects. I will be chatting with Jenny Sieck tomorrow 4pm Pacific and 7 pm Eastern. Come join us in the chat room.

Also my webinar is available for download from Linda Marson's Global Spiritual Studies out of Australia here is the link The webinar went well and there will be more to come once the New Pearls of Wisdom Tarot Kit is out in the world.

Another radio show, in archives, with Donnaleigh It was a fun interview with Donnaleigh and Georgianna

I am very excited to announce a new store that will carry the Pearls of Wisdom Tarot and ship anywhere outside the US. The deck has become very difficult to come by and Ohm sweet Ohm is a great way to obtain this deck.

And lastly a recent blog that has all the links you need to catch up on where things are with the Pearls of Wisdom Tarot.

I have been busy with all of this and more. To be on the notification list for the POW Kit, email me at and put notification list in the subject line.
Cheers Hexi!


Got my box from 7th House, great deck. Looking forward to your next phases.
The tarotzen site has some of the best robot-generated, internationally idiomatic spam I've ever read.


ya I thought the comments were kind of weird that explains it. I will keep everyone posted, down to the final photo cropping and shopping (over 600 photos) and one more edit before the printers.


Pearls of Wisdom Tarot Kit coming soon.... Update

here is an update. I have finished writing the Pearls of Wisdom Majors Kit. My hubby and I are giving it all a final edit, just finished the Devil today sot it will soon be off to the layout guy. There are over 650 photos in this Kit which includes a handbook with all new write ups, guided meditations, a pearl of wisdom a healing art project and my inspirations behind each Major. I created 5 new healing spreads and layout sheets that will fit the business card size mini Pearls of Wisdom Tarot, (in a draw string bag). There are 3 guest spreads from Bonnie Cehovet (who wrote my first AT review) Alec Satin, a well known Tarot personality and Pamela Steele of the Steele Wizard Tarot (we were both on the same top 10 AT list in 2007)

In addition there will be a 23 card Pearl-Essence deck created from the healing art projects, Art supplies and more.

This Kit is unparalleled in the Tarot world. To be on the notification list email and put notification list in the subject line. Once the Kit goes to print the Notification list will be given two weeks advance notice. Why? Well the original 23 paintings from the art projects are up for grabs.

The whole Kit will come in a hand painted hinged lid tin box for shipping and storing. In the near future I will be doing webinars on the art projects through Global Spiritual Studies. My first webinar is here.

Another note is that you can now purchase a signed Pearls of Wisdom Tarot deck through I have made an exclusive arrangement to sign her decks. Beverly will ship anywhere in the world, and your deck will come with a surprise as well. The Pearls deck is hard to come by, and I think she even has a rare first edition for me to sign as well.

Cheers Hexi


Hello Hexi, I am new to the forum. I have the second edition of your deck, and I was wondering if the workbook was still available. TIA!


pearls of wisdom workbook

Hello everyone, the workbook has been finished, writing wise etc. Then my printer went out of business, then my deck went out of print. Right now I am in limbo with it all and will let everyone know what is happening once I know it. I am still holding the vision and hope that a new 3rd edition will be available in the future and I will likely do the workbook at the same time. Thanks for your well wishes! Cheers Hexi