Pearls of Wisdom - Ten of Wands

Rede Seeker

And the winner is....

Success and all the Rewards that come with running the race and winning. A woman or young man holds nine small wands in her left arm and one large wand in the other. She also holds a trophy-cup, blue flowers (sorry, I'm among the herbally-challenced, I don't recognize the species) and some greenery in the left arm. She wears a laurel wreath and a sunflower necklace. She is dressed in the yellow-orange-red performer's outfit and mary-jane shoes common to the suit of Wands. The ten wands she holds have a yellow ribbon/straw and string of pearls twinned around the shaft that still supports life/leaves. All the wand headpieces are glowing.

Our Winner has a tired look - it's been an arduous journey and she smiles about it, but won't regret setting her winnings aside for a shower and a nap. She stands on a dirt road flanked by healthy greenery. There is a wreath with a blue ribbon near her left foot; a bunch of blue flowers near her right - one is laying in front of her foot, the others seem to be growing along the pathway.

The sky is odd. The lines of blue, purple, and red that we've seen before. In the center is a sworling sun with beams eminating in seven directions. This sun and the sunflower our Winner wears seem to resonate with each other. The shape of the upper card-frame gives the sworling sun the appearance of an eye watching over our Winner. There are cloud banks rolling in on both sides of the horizon. The deeds are done, the journey is complete, the curtains are called to close on this adventure. Perhaps that's the reason the sky-colors seem more dusk-like than the beaming sun would call for? Perhaps they signify closure, too, with the sun setting after an eventful day.

There is a shelf with a trophy-shaped cup in each upper conrer. There is a flame burning in each cup. Each cup has a swirl pattern marked upon it; the cup in the left-hand corner swirls counter-clockwise; the cup in the right-hand corner swirls clockwise. As I look closer, the sun and sunflower have swirls going in different directions, too. Any thoughts on this?

There is a bouquet of the blue flowers with a straw-colored ribbon sitting in the left-hand corner; a wreath with blue ribbon rests near it. The right-hand corner has a wand with glowing headpiece, pearls, straw-colored ribbon twining around it and leaves growing from it's shaft. There is a sunflower in the lower right-hand corner.

The Rune Uruz is marked on the left-hand column; Ehwaz is marked on the right. Uruz represents vitality and formation by external forces that removes the clutter obscuring the true person within. Ehwaz is the Rune of Trust and Loyalty, the Rune of the outside partner in a relationship (ref. Thorsson's 'Nine Doors of Midgard'). Our Winner didn't do it alone but her Partner was something within herself that drove her forward.

Uruz = second Rune of the Elder Futhark
Ehwaz = nineteenth Rune of the Elder Futhark
Uruz + Ehwaz = 2 + 19 = 21 = Laguz = hidden roots, things beneath the surface which support life and growth

Our Winner has her trophies, true, but she has something else - a hidden quality that wasn't there before her adventure began. There is more to this victory than meets the eye and perhaps only she will know how the adventure has changed least for now.


Well once again I haven't much to add to Rede Seeker's wonderful discription and insights about this card, especially the runes..
Thanks I'm learning a lot about Runes from your comments about them Rede Seeker.

I love the way there is an element of reward in this card, not something that we usually see on the 10 of Wands but something that should be there (in my opinion anyway :)).

Tens show the end of the cycle and the beginning of the next one, they are related to The Wheel of Fortune with it's steady central hub and turning outer rim...
We have what is gone before but we are also in a period of change. We can build on what's gone before and move onwards but never forgetting what we have already achieved, be that good or bad.

So here we have a young lady who has clearly won the race but she is still overburdened... She could do with taking a look at her priorities and the way she is carrying all of those wands. Maybe a shift in the distribution of them will help her go further along her way.

So this card says to me that this phase of the journey is coming to an end... I've worked hard and got my just rewards from it but maybe I should look at my burdens and responsibilities and see what I could put down and what I could carry a little differently to make the rest of the journey a bit easier.