Pearls of Wisdom - The Fool

Rede Seeker

These cards are so loaded with detail that I pulled out a magnifying glass to get a better look. As a former '4-eyes' I was pleased to see the Fool wearing eye-glasses. I couldn't tell if they had a rosy tint.

The motion of the river takes the Fool up and to the right, generally towards the rainbow. The Runes Wunjo and Berkano are etched on the archway pillars. Every detail adds to an image that says 'Joyous Journey'. The Fool trusts the river to take her/him where she/he needs to go.

I get the impression that this Fool is closer to the Earth, even though she/he is not walking on the edge of a cliff. Earth, Air, Fire, and Water are represented with Water being the motive force.

6 Haunted Days

Yes I really love how this fool is on the water instead of the usual cliff. And he's going against the current, according to the waves and swimming fish (tho they are supposed to be Salmon, the waves still look like it's flowing against the boat)! The Fool is often the one that is unconventional, eccentric, follows the beat of their own drummer...and swims against the tide of society. Completely trusting in life and the divine t take him where he needs to go/be.

There is a bee (lots of those in this deck) and they have so many meanings but the one that popped in my head here is it's strong association with the Faery realm....and we all know how the fool and his journeys show up in many fairytales and fables.


This is such an original Fool card.
We have no cliff or even a path but we do have The Fool's dog who sits in his boat with him as the note of caution, the dog doesn't seem to be holding him back as in most Fool cards but he does sit in the front of the boat, so seems to be looking out for any obstacles along the way.
One of the main things that I get from most Fool cards is a feeling that this guy knows no fear and this card is no exception. The Fool is a little like a toddler, he has no fear and goes through life with an optimistic, trusting attitude and because of this he doesn't fall when he steps off the cliff and he doesn't sink when he gets into this little boat, despite the rocks that are in his path.
Somehow when we look at this card, we just know he's going to be OK.

I don't really see that he's going againt the current because his boat is facing towards us and a waterfall is behind him but I do see the salmon going against the current whilst The Fool just does what Fools do and goes with the flow.

He has everything he needs as he starts his adventure tied up in the yellow and red spotted bag that he carries on a stick over his shoulder but maybe he doesn't realise that he has all he needs as he's a fool.

I love the way the boat is called 'The Serendipity'.
The Oxford English Dictionary says that serendipity means 'the occurrence and development of events by chance in a happy or beneficial way'...
I think that is very appropriate for this card.

Edited to add an image of the card.


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6 Haunted Days

I was ruminating on what those symbols on the Fool's bag could mean. They looked mathmatical! Then I realized they were the symbols for the ancient elements she has in back of the booklet.

Very apt. He's carrying all the wisdom and emotion of the elements, though I'm sure quite unawares he has this magic and "key" from previous incarnations or trips through the Majors thrown over his shoulder.

I like how the title banner for this card is very different from the rest and looks chaotic.

Miss 6


Ooh you've sure got eagle eyes, I hadn't noticed those symbols on his bag, I thought they were just spots (that'll teach me to think that some thing is 'just a spot' in this deck ;)).

I really love this Fool, it's such a refreshing take on a card that I often find quite dull and samey in many decks.

I got this as an advice card for someone a few days ago and one of the things that came into my head was 'go with the flow' and 'just let the situation take you along with it'. Those aren't really interpretations that I would've got from another deck but they fitted really well and the lady I was reading for thought so too.


I absolutely love this Fool card! It reminds me so much of myself now that I've got my Hoveround. My little dog sits on my footrest when he gets tired of running along beside and I've got bags and backpacks all over the chair---I even have Harley saddlebags for the arms for a big shopping day---and I'm so glad to be able to be outside again that I don't pay very good attention to where I'm going sometimes because I'm so busy saying, "Oh my gosh, just smell the flowers!" and "oh, look how pretty those trees are!" or "doesn't the grass smell nice so freshly mowed and with the sprinkler on it?" It's like seeing and smelling and experiencing things for the first time all over again, almost.

All my life I've gone against the flow so that river is apt. And I've taken quite a few drift boat rides down the rapids of the McKenzie River in my day, too. Pretty FOOL-ish since I don't swim and there are so many underwater snags to get caught in even with a life jacket so you can drown even if you do swim.

I've always heard the definition of "serendipity" as meaning "the art of having happy accidents" or something to that effect, and that's often happened to me in my life. I like that that's the boat's name, too.

I think this card captures the happy innocence of the Fool so very well. Much better than a lot of them do. And with any card, it's our identification with it that will make it extra readable for us.

Silver Crow

This card says to me, you don't have to be young and innocent to be the "Fool", that you can restart your own journey or a new one at any time in your life. That it's OK to go against the current, actually she looks liberated in knowing that's what she's doing.

She taking the elements of her life with her as a reminder of what she knows, but more so, what she has to learn.

Her little dog is telling her when danger is coming, but he also seems to be enjoying the thrill of it all so warnings are few and far between because it all needs to be lived.

The salmon remind us that to swim up or down stream is to live and we need to do both to truly live.

This fool is on a new journey, not her first, and she's enjoying every moment of it.

The runes are perfect for this card, as is the boats name.

Rede Seeker

Pearls of Wisdom - The Fool - Happy New Year

Best Wishes for an Adventurous 2011!

The Fool's outfit is fascinating. The red and dark blue stripes on the arms and leggings remind me of the spirals from an old-time barber shop pole. The spotted skirt and collar remind me of star-gazer lilies. The yellow ruffle on the hat looks like the sun's rays. The ruffles on the sleeves remind me of feather-tips. Interesting imagery for someone on a ship - Water (the ship); Air (the feather-tips); Earth (the lillies); and Fire (the sun's rays) are represented plus Spirit (the spirals). The Fool's cap reminds me of a peaked witches' hat, the pearls at the tip draw energy in.


happy new year

Happy new year everyone, aren't we all eternal fools? How are you doing Rede Seeker it has been a while. Did you find a new career? Hope you are well.

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Hope 2011 is a good one for everyone, The Emperor year, put your house and affairs in order, bring some structure to your life. Join a dance class or art class and get creative, let the structure and discipline from the arts meld into your daily life.