Pearls of Wisdom - The Knights

Rede Seeker

Generally, the Knight is the young adult out to prove him/herself. How are the Pearls of Wisdom Knights empowered for their respective adventures?

Knight of Cups
Earth = the beaten path
Air = difficult to see, but notice that there are ribbons on a gate and in the girls' hair that are fluttering; the girls' hair is caught by a breeze, too
Fire = the sun in the sky, but more importantly, the Tree Spirits in passionate embrace
Water = the overflowing cups held by the Knight and the girls; the puddles the overflows form; the river at the base of the card
Spirit = the greeting between the Knight and the girls; the presence of Tree Spirits and Earth Spirit on the horizon; Fellowship across the land

Knight of Wands
Earth = the chasm
Air = the hawk on the wing
Fire = the campfire
Water = the waterfall/river
Spirit = the rainbow; but note there is no Tree Spirit, no Earth Spirit

Knight of Swords
Earth = the ground/cliff he and his horse stand upon
Air = clouds
Fire = lightning forced from the clouds
Water = the lake/ocean beating against the land
Spirit = no Tree or Earth Spirit present; I'm open to suggestions here - I can't see Spirit represented here

Knight of Pentacles
Earth = the beaten path under his horse's hooves; the pentacle beaten into the earth
Air = no overt sign of air, but if it did decide to move, the willow and other tree would move with it
Fire = the pentacle held by the Knight which seems to draw energy from the sun behind it
Water = the lake in the far distance
Spirit = the glow around the pentacle as a sign of super-natural life; the Earth Spirit on the horizon

One conclusion that can be drawn is that the Knight of Swords is the least empowered of the Four Knights. While outwardly, he has everything a Knight needs, there is no sign of Spirit as patron/witness to the Knight's deeds.

The Knight of Wands is fully empowered with the five elements. Note, however, that Spirit appears as the result of a cataclysmic event (water falling forming the rainbow). This Knight's reward comes through the Ordeal of the adventure.

The Knight of Cups is works in accord with Nature and is well supplied by the Earth and Water. However Air and Fire, Inspiration and Ambition, are in short supply or lacking. This Knight will get the job done, eventually. He may not be a self-starter or see things through to their end.

The Knight of Pentacles is also empowered by the five elements. His Spirit-Patrons are Life-Force and Earth. However, his ration of inspiration and compassion are slim. This Knight may be dogmatic, tied to cycles, unable or unwilling to deviate. It will be difficult for anything new under the sun to come from him.

Key thoughts on the Knights from 'Tarot Magick' by Kelly Danann:

Knight of Wands = Energy and Adventure
Knight of Cups = An Offer of Love
Knight of Swords = A Warning
Knight of Pentacles = Potential