Pearls of Wisdom - The Star

Rede Seeker

Wyrd things are so cool. This past week, I've picked up Circle Magazine's Winter 2007 issue dedicated to the Cauldron. I've also found my copy of 'Ladies of the Lake' (by Caitlin and John Mathews) laying near at hand when I had time to fill. Both of these experiences have added new flavor to The Star card. Let's look at her...

A Golden Woman pouring crisp colored liquid from identical ewers. One pours into what appears to be a small pond; the other pours directly on three crystals joined at the base. Dasies and lillies abound. I also see violets, roses and a yellow flower (dandelion?).

There is one central star over her head. It is bright - bright enough to light the ground around the Golden Woman - making the area around hear to be in daylight. This central star seems formed of five crystals and has an inverted pentagam inside an inverted pentagram in it's center. The five crystals in the star are 'crystal blue' and white; the circle around this star is yellow with red beams from the inner angles. This gold and crystal star structure is repeated in the Golden Woman's diadem. It's very large and covers her entire forehead, not just her third-eye chakra. The silver ewers have a gold star with silver corona around them - a complimentary opposite, perhaps to the central star in the sky and on the Golden Woman's diadem. The gold star pattern on the ewers is similar to the gold stars that share the sky with the central star.

The Golden Woman wears a pearl earring and a pearl necklace with a single crystal pendant. Energy-swirls appear at her belly; breasts; elbow, shoulder, knee, ankle, wrist and knuckle joints (joyous flexibility?); her chin and cheekbones.

There is a Tree Spirit on the right. I'm having trouble interpreting her expression. She also has energy-swirls. Her branches are well-leaved and include pink buds. There is at least one sleeping Earth Spirit (upper left). This Spirit is in deep shadow, so it's hard for me to say whether it is a grey rock formation or a green earth formation. there may be a second Earth Spirit behind the Tree Spirit - I can't quite make it out.

There are butterflies around the Golden woman. Most of them are in the starlight around the Golden Woman but one flutters on the outside edge. This starlight falls in a trianular shape around the woman - a further symbol of her power.

Two silver ewers identical to the ones the Golden Woman holds appear at the upper corners of this card. They pour the same crystal colored water over flowers along the card's border. This visual line ends with crystals in the lower corners with crystals, joined at their base and surrounded by a strand of pearls and in a puddle of the crystal colored water. There is rich brown earth at the Golden Woman's feet.

The Rune Sowilo appears on the right column. This is the Rune of Sunna, the Sun Goddess of Germanic Lore (and why I refer to the Star Lady on this card as the Golden Woman). Sowilo is the Rune of Success; of guidance to a goal; of the eternal journey of the Sun; and crystalized light (ref. Thorsson's 'Introduction to the Germanic Tradition').

The ewers represent the cauldrons of renewal of Norther European Lore (Celtic and Germanic). The Golden Woman reminds me of the three Grail Maidens - Kundry, Dindraine, and Ragnell - who the Mathews' identify as the guardians of the Cauldron and who initiate the Grail heroes. They are grounded in the Spirit World yet act in the Material World. Kundry is the Measurer, Keeper of Grail Wisdom; Dindraine is the Empowerer, representing the Grail Winner; and Ragnel is the Weaver, Transformer of the Grail's Love. Each of these Ladies are described as hideous beyond description, yet when the Grail goal is reached, they transform into beautiful women. They represent Sovereignty - ugly, repulsive (their ugliness is a metaphor for the land withought a ruler); when the heroe accepts her/his responsibility for Sovereignty, the land transforms as these Ladies do.

In this Star card, I see a Grail Maiden renewing the physical world. Her value is reflected in her golden color and her connection with the healing, empowering Sun. Yet, she works 'undercover' - at night - the realm of the subconscious and reflection of Faerie. In 'Ladies of the Lake' the three Grail Maidens of the Cauldron are described as 'Dark/Loathy', translated here as the dark of night - but far from loathy.


I've not much to add to your wonderful post Rede Seeker but here are a few thoughts:

My first thought when I looked at this card was 'Wow, it's GORGEOUS'. I love her spiral breasts and abdomen :)
The golden woman is very goddess-like, I would say that she definitely looks more divine than human.

Another thing I notice about this card is that there are many crystals in it, maybe symbolising clarity...
The star itself in the sky seems to be made from crystals, the jugs that she uses to pour the water also look like cut crystal and there are crystal points in the water of the pool and also in the lower corners of the card.
The Star comes after the destruction of The Tower and I often see it as a light at the end of the tunnel, something to focus on to bring us out of the darkness... Sailors have followed the stars and used them to navigate for centuries so I think that the crystals tie in well there.

Daisies and lilies both make me think of purity: Lilies spiritual purity and daisies earthly purity and simplicity.

To me the tree spirit in the background looks happy and I too can't really make out whether the green earth spirit is made of rock or a grassy hill.

She pours out her goodness onto the land and into the pool. I equate this card with Justice as it's numerically a number 8 and I think it reminds us to give out what we wish to receive and also to not forget to nurture yourself and allow yourself to heal as you would others...

A lovely, lovely card.


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This is one of those cards that, very distantly, remind me of the Thoth a little bit; it's mostly the purple in the background I think, along with the crystals.

To compare, here is the Thoth Star, one of my favourites: (although here it looks more blue and pink, whereas in my deck it's much more purple).

Anyway, I think the Pearls of Wisdom card is wonderful, too.
It made me very happy to see her! There's so much calm joy, and peacefulness, and sweetness in it.

I love the innocense of the daisies and the purity of the white lilies, but I absolutely adore the dandelions - they're one of my favourite flowers!

There seems to be a small patch of daylight, of grass and flowers, around the woman, whereas behind her I think it's night, with even the Lady of the Hill asleep.