Pearls of Wisdom - Three of Cups

Rede Seeker

Celebration! Fellowship!

I get a 'ritual vibe' from this card. These ladies aren't just celebrating life, their dance ensures that life is celebrated. There is a place beyond time where celebration is a way of life. These leadies - one pink, one blue, one yellow dance before a reclining Green Goddess. She smiles as her children play. 'As above, so below' - their play in this magickal realm has a connection to our world. An odd thing, and maybe it's me, but I feel the column of water in the center of this card as a water-spout, rising and twisting like serpent energy, feeding the golden fish at the top arch. The dancing girls are churning up the water, giving it the motive force it needs to rise...that's my Unsupported Personal Gnosis (UPG) with this Three of Cups. Does anyone else get this vibe?

The dancing ladies splash about in a crystal blue pool. Behind them is a rich meadow dotted with yellow flowers. I see these as the 'little gypsie dandelions dancing in the sun' from an old children's song. I also see them as little candle lights held by Fairies of the Fields. They appreciate the dance, too.

There is a Tree Spirit watching the dancers, smilling. The Tree Spirit and Green Goddess seem to be cuddling as proud parents tend to do when they watch their children doing something spontaneous and whole-heartedly. The 'vibe' between them could be captioned...'look what wonders we brought into existance'..

The Tree Spirit's branches are studded with pink buds. More Fairies, perhaps, in the balcony enjoying the show? Their buds open for the joy of the sight?

There is an evergreen tree opposite the Tree Spirit. The evergreen's boughs are highlighted by sunshine...or more Fairies?

Yikes...UPG abounds here. I'll give it a rest for now. Am I the only one getting such 'vibes' from this Three of Cups?