Pearls of Wisdom - Two of Cups

Rede Seeker

Feel the Glow! It envelops them, protects them, creates their own world for the moment...

Central to this card are a Man and Woman, kneeling, looking into each other's eyes, their bodies so close that there's barely space for the golden cup that each holds at heart level. Their cups are overflowing, but they don't seem to notice. The Man embraces the Woman, she is probably doing the same although her arm is hidden.

They kneel on a bare patch of earth. There is a red flower blooming near each of them. The bare earth is a rich, fertile color - ready for seeds to be sown. It looks rippled, like water, as if the energy the couple generates flows into the earth as abundantly as the liquid from their respective cups flows into the river at the base of the card. There is vibrant greenery around the bare patch of earth. In the background are trees, one on each side of the couple. The trees are in early leaf. Their branches twine and hold an eclipsed Moon over the couple's head.

The sky bothers me a bit. It is ribbons of color - dark blue, light blue, yellow, red. I expected the sky to be clear or resonating (as in the Moon card) around the center of action. Here, the sky-colors continue to flow in their own direction. As I take a third look at the sky, it reminds me of a woven fence like wicker-work. Perhaps it's there to set a boundary around the couple, too. If that's true, then I see four boundaries - the red-glow around the embracing couple; the bare patch of earth, the greenery, and now the sky. Any thoughts on the significance of a four-fold boundary?

The cups the couple are holding overflow and splash into a river. Directly beneath the couple but in the water is an infinity symbol. The water flows in ribbons similar to the sky-colors, but they feel more dense. They swirl around the infinity symbol under the couple.

The upper corners of this card hold a pair of golden fish with green eyes. Their tails are linked. A clear fluid/water flows from their mouths, down along the side columns over a golden, heart-shaped bracket holding a sting of pearls which ends in a large red heart. The sworl pattern on the heart mimics the embracing couple. The clear fluid continues to flow down the columns and into large gold cups at the lower corners of this card. Those cups overflow in three streams, the rivulets flow off the edge of the card.

Note the golden bracket. In the Lovers card, the bracket has a scalloped edge and the pearls end in a yin/yang pendant.

The Rune Gebo is marked on the left column; the Rune Kenaz is marked on the right. Gebo is linked with Sex Magic. Kenaz is linked with Lust and Regeneration. If you play with the Rune-shapes, you can see one penetrating the other; one opening to receive the other. Consider the Man's arm position. If we assume the Woman is doing the same thing with her hidden arm, we have them forming the Rune Gebo with their arms.

Gebo = seventh Rune of the Elder Futhark
Kenaz = sixth Rune of the Elder Futhark
Gebo + Kenaz = 7 + 6 = 13 = Eihwaz, this Rune joins extreme opposites and is conected with life/death; day/night; winter/summer. As such it can transport a physical event into the Spirit Realm (ref. Thorsson's 'Rune Lore')


The Womans Arm

Hi Rede,

Wow! Such a beautiful description! I have not yet recieved my deck, however in looking at the pic, I would like to highlight the fact that the woman's other hand is indeed visible, it's around the man's waist, if you look a little behind his elbow you will notice it!

But again - such a beautiful description of the card and thank you for the insight about the Runes as I do not know very much about them.

Now, I am still learning my way around interpreting cards and their traditional meanings, however, I had a slightly different thought about the moon , the trees as well as the people... I observed that the Man and Woman seem to be uniting opposites, behind the couple as opposed to an eclipsed moon, I saw opposites... the male side of the moon more on the purple side, the trees actually seem to be tree spirits the one on the male side decidedly looking at the other tree spirit he's touching and his body colouration seems darker overall in comparison to the female, who's tree spirit also seems to be feminine (though I will have to re-check when the deck arrives) whose moon is yellow and who's body is also lighter than his... Even in the infinity symbol in the water, the colours inside are light and dark, almost as though to reflect the yin-yang synergy you made reference to in the hearts outside - the coming together of opposites to make one beautiful cohesive whole...

In response to the question you raised about the boundaries I got just the opposite feeling of that, which was that if those were indeed boundaries then they have certainly overcome all of them and managed to unite, especially when you look at the pink border that tries to seperate them and almost succeeds up until the neck...but then just fizzles... To me its an against all odds kind of vibe I am getting off this image - without reading any card interpretations or seeing the actual card in hand... hence admittedly I could be absolutely worng!!!!!

Rede Seeker

Interesting Insight, Thank You

I see her hand now, thanks for pointing it out.

Concerning the coming together of opposites - yes, I can see that now that you point it out. The boundaries are merging.

I recently acquired Fiona Horne's 'Witch Web' CD. Here's an excerpt from the last track 'Divine Yourself':

'...Come forth
From me through me
Love me fuse me
You and me
Me and you...'

'...You were born in the summer
I was born in the winter
Warm me
While I cool you
Its what we were meant to do...'

Fiona describes this song as '...a meditation to invoke feminine and masculine divine energy into your psyche for empowerment and peace...'

I would not have put this together with the 2 of Cups card if you hadn't pointed it out, Marli. Thank you.

You'll love this deck when it arrives. I look forward to seeing more of your insight into the Pearls of Wisdom.