Pearls of Wisdom - Two of Swords



It is interesting that you drew this card. I was just in a situation that called for the wisdom of this card. I was seeking balance where there was none and clarity where the veils covered my eyes.

The "pearl of wisdom" of this card is to rise above your issues. Follow their swords, they reach up to touch the pearls above them, to access the wisdom "from above" their awareness so they can now pull back the veils to see what is "really" there and find balance.

My lesson in the this card was to not take things personally, that is what pulled the veils across my eyes, so that I could not see the real situation. We met together and discussed our issues calmly and honestly. Things are better now we are all seeking balance and harmony. Always rise above, always rise above.


Hexi, thanks for the extra insight on this card. Emm and I were both needing the wisdom of this card when she pulled it for us to study. Now you've added another dimension to it that is very helpful and quite significant for me at this time in my life.



you are welcome :)