Pearlsof Wisdom 8 of Wands


The 8 of Wands is not usually a favourite card of mine but in this deck I love it.

Instead of the usual depiction of 8 wands flying through the air looking as if they are coming down to the ground, we have 2 rows of 4 people, dressed in oranges and yellows, each with a crystal tipped wand. The wands are wrapped in yellow and orange ribbons and also with strands of pearls.
The people seem to be using their wands to focus energy towards an erupting volcano on the horizon.
The flow of runs between the 2 rows of people and almost looks like the trunk of a tree (well to me it does ;)).

So this card to me is about focused energy or energy being directed towards a goal.
The 'tree trunk' reminds us to stay grounded, for when we're grounded we're better at focusing energy and at getting things done.
I relate the 8s to Justice so I really like the balanced imagery of this card.

I know nothing about runes so I'll leave those to someone else :)

Rede Seeker

Rich Greenery amid all that Fire

I find all the greenery fascinating considering all the fire this card carries. After an eruption, the scorched earth heals and thrives - it's a natural process and we shouldn't avoid our fiery side because of it's potential for destruction.

The four figures on the left side of the card appear to be female; on the right, male - not only are they joining/focusing their energies, their energies are balanced.

Raidho (on the left column) represents the 'vehicle on the path of Cosmic Power' (ref. Introduction to the Germanic Tradition by Edred Thorsson). Ehwaz (on the right column) is the Rune of Trust and Loyalty; it also represents Divine Twins - the four sets of female and male workers here could also be interpreted as twins working in harmony (notice the alternating yellow and orange ribbons on their wands). So could the two Green Earth Spirits joined at the head. The volcano is erupting from their co-joined crown charkra.


Ah yes, the figures on the left are women and the figures on the right are men. I hadn't noticed that at all... Gender balance.

Thanks for the information about the runes too.

I like this deck because there are so many details that you don't notice at first. Another of my favourite decks, The World Spirit Tarot is also like that; the more you look, the more you see.

Have you noticed how the wands at the top of the border have leaves growing from them?

Rede Seeker

Busy-ness of the cards

I received an email from Roxi Sim recently. She commented on the busy-ness of the cards (posted with permission):

" I am tempted to apologize for the busyness of the paintings, (the one criticism I have read) but I think once a viewer looks past the busyness and into what is in each card, they will find so much waiting there for them, and something new each time they look, and when doing readings that there would be lots to read from without always having to look at a book for the meanings. Besides, all my art work is busy, it is simply my style. More is more.. lol..."


I'm loving the business of these cards for the very reasons that Roxi has stated... Every time I look I seem to see something new...:)