Pendulum with broken point is it usable?


I hope this is ok to ask I have a amethyst pendulum the chain is shortened and the point is slightly chipped. I want to use it as I lost a box for a tarot deck and can not locate it anywhere, driving me up the wall.

I am unsure which hand I hold the pendulum in if I stay at the table with elbow on table to determine room or if I should wander with it to locate it.

The pendulum has been playing tricks giving about 3 -4 places the tarot box could be.

I lost tarot divine legacy box a ciro m box yes I am not proud of myself at all and spitting feathers.

any ideas how to do this properly with pendulum.

so far areas seem to be bedroom and bookshelf yet ive emptied bookshelf out and cant see it there, I moved box so it didnt take up so much space so I could put in books with card meanings for study reasons.

should I change to a pendulum with a different point?

i have 4 of them I dont know why I got into buying them and think to myself why?

I have amethyst smokey quartz, lapis and a orgon one. ( a orgone one lol)


I would hold it in whichever hand you write with.
Standing up is fine if it gives you good yes + no responses when standing.

The chip didn't ought to affect but, but double check with another pendulum perhaps as you have some? Or ask it if it still feels like working :)


problem is I have a spirit in my apartment who is a pain in the bum a real trickster had someone notice it before and it likes games.

so issue being it may decide to mess with pendulum and say yes its there, or over there just for a fun game. likes to pass through my tv and send tv signal crazy pain in bum.problem is its getting stronger at messing my tv up.

will try it again