Permutation 4 - Yod He Vau He - The Path of Hermes


Permutation 4 - Yod He Vau He - The Path of Hermes

Card 1 (King of Wands) in the first triangle (YOD) that begins my cycle of actions shows me confident in my ability to increase my understanding of the Tarot by allowing myself to be guided by my intuition.

In Card 2 (Knight of Wands), I react against that by letting my enthusiasm to hurry up my learning and not stay focused. Action, action, action ...

By allowing the learning process to occur at a natural pace, while retaining my enthusiasm, the transformation in my level of understanding will occur as indicated by Card 3 (Death). I can regain focus to increase understanding.

In Card 4 (Queen of Pentacles), the first card of the second opposing triangle (HE known as the begging of opposition), I see that I need to quit trying to channel all sensory information into practical knowledge. I need to allow myself to feel it and become one with it as the Queen of Pentacles is with nature.

The opposition to the opposition, Card 5 (10 of Pentacles) suggests that I believe that by increasing my understanding of the Tarot that I might think I am increasing my abilities to better see the magic of the world around me.

To integrate the opposing forces, Card 6 (10 of Wands), I need to persevere with my studies and not overburden myself with expectations. Need to stay grounded.

The beggining of integration, Card 7 (Devil), the first card fo the third triangle (VAU) shows that I need to overcome my lack of confidence and self-doubt, thus eliminate barriers to my increased understanding of the Tarot that I erect, and which block my psychic senses.

Integration is opposed, Card 8 (8 of Cups), by my wanting to retreat to solely focus on my learning, and the frustration of it taking so long. I need to not retreat from people or other activities I enjoy or it will only increase and breed frustraion (burdens ... 10 of wands).

To integrate the integration, Card 9 (World), I must realize and believe in my own infinite potential to learn and dance around the barriers I set for myself.

The new cycle, Card 10 (Ace of Cups) can commence a new set, a new possibility with the opening of my psychic senses and new receptivity due to the opening of my unconscious channels.


WHEW!!! I am tired *LOL*. Anyways ... of the 4 permutations I prefer #2 and #4. The first permutation seemed to totally disregard cards 1,2 and 7-10. So it felt like it was missing something to me. Permutation 3 was OK but gained more through permutations 2 and 4. Somehow they felt more complete.

Can't wait to see what you guys come up with.

Love & Light,