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MeeWah, I think that you have covered this before, but could you help to refresh this? I have been working with my personal tarot card, which I figured out to be several from the way I was told to figure it out . . .

I added up all of the numbers in my birthday and year and came up with 19 (anything over 22 is added again). This card for me is then the Sun. Then there are the underlying parts of your personality when you add those numbers together, for me it is two cards, 10 for Fortune and 1 for Magician.

Am I figuring this out correctly? What have others done in regards to this? What are your personal tarot cards?

Also, if I remember correctly, you also have a card for the year, which is your birthday plus the present year date. MeeWah, or anyone, does this then start after your birthday, or at the beginning of the year?

For this year, I am supposed to be working on the same as my personal card, the Sun once again!



Doesn't this come from one of Mary Greer's books?
I think from the first one.

I did not have as many cards as you. I only have one, The Empress.

My card for this year turned out to be the lovers.
And that really is what the year was al about so far. ( had a relationship and had to decide wether i would continue with it or not, hope the rest of the year is about true love)

I have a copy of my year card on my altar. I just love the lovers card from the Robin Wood deck



I think that is the author that I recall, do you know the name of the book? I am interested in learning more about all of this.

How has knowing your personal card affected you?


The name of the book? Well i read it in dutch but tranclated it would be "tarot for yourself" or something. ( Anyone help?)
And in here book tarotconstelations ( this one i have in english) she come's back on the subject.

It did not really affect me.
It was more like of course. I could have known.
The year cards are more difficult to me.
This is actually the first year i could make sence of it.



Kyrie: The book is "Tarot Constellations" by Mary K. Greer ISBN 0-87877-128-X.
Greer credits Angeles Arrien with the original concept of Lifetime Cards expressed as Personality, Soul & Year Cards. Greer first mentioned them in her first book "Tarot for Your Self", but developed them further in "Tarot Constellations", including the Teacher Card & the Hidden Factor Card, which do not apply to everyone as they depend on the Birth Card.
I see both those latter cards as Shadow Cards, the unknown aspects of self that may help &/or hinder one in developing the self or the process of individuation.
I am not familiar with Arrien's writings on this, but according to Greer:
19The Sun is your Personality Card; 1The Magician is your Soul Card; 10Wheel of Fortune is your Teacher Card.
That your current year card is also your Personality/ Birth Card would have great significance--sort of like a double whammy :) A period where one would likely have opportunities to utilize all of one's knowledge & expertise in dealing with one's life, events, etc. A time of great potential in growth.
I prefer to calculate the Year Card from birthday to birthday rather than from January, as the former makes more sense to me.
The use of Lifetime Cards enhances the insight into the psyche, which is why I not only use them in relation to me but also incorporate them in most readings for others. In particular, the Year Card alerts one to possibilities; also possible areas of concern. I'm a firm believer in being an "informed consumer", & the use of such cards aids in an overview.


Ugggggghhhh! Then the double whammy is coming up! My birthday is this Wednesday and thus would start up a year of the Sun being my personal card and my year card. Why oh why me! The sun card is one of my problem cards, of course! Need to learn those lessons, whether we are always ready to learn them however, . . . .


And of course being a Leo as well, isn't the sun card related to this sign?! Ugghhh! I tell you I am not ready for this double whammy!


Okay, Semi-Newbie Me

I have read about this method somewhere but I can not for the life of me remember where. Could some one please re post the method used for personal and yearly cards? I just had a B-Day and if there is something I need to do this year, I need at least 6 months of procrastination time before I drive myself bananas trying to get it done at the last minute! :-D


Ok, so I found this to be interesting and tried it. I just want somebody to tell me I did it right, please! LOL

My b-day is 6/6/1974. So adding all that up my card would be the Lovers, right? And my year card would be the Hermit?

And since I don't have anything to add together with a #6 do I have a Soul Card or Teacher card? :/ Confusled...

Thanks! Rhiannon :)


Using Rhiannon's as an example, the birth-date is added as follows:
In this case, 6The Lovers serves as both Personality & Soul Cards.
My take on The Personality Card is it pertains to how one expresses the self (similar to the function of the rising or ascendant sign in astrological terms). The Soul Card describes the core of the individual as in character traits, aspirations, lessons & purpose--both of which are usually of spiritual &/or karmic significance.
Mary K. Greer refers to the Hidden Factor Card or the Teacher Card. For 6The Lovers, the Hidden Factor Card (which I see as The Shadow Card or the "flip side" of a card) is 15The Devil. This card would represent those hidden aspects of self; emotional baggage; lessons & karmic influences not readily apparent.
The current Year Card is figured similarly, using the current year or whichever year one has in mind. Rhiannon's Year Card is also 6The Lovers. Considering what this card represents, this year may define any issues, concerns or projects that were focal points in the previous year, which would have been 5The Hierophant. The latter may have been an uneven year with changes, conflicts & outright challenges to one's equilibrium. A year of adustments &/or assessments; of dealing with the traditional or conventionalities against personal freedom. This year may likely be a year of making decisions based on the experiences & the knowledge gained in the last year; dealing with relationships on different levels. There may be a sense of accomplishment or relief, depending on what was worked on previously; or a need for more work, whatever.
It is helpful to examine the previous year's card also, as overlapping of energies occur between the years.
In addition, all number 6 pip cards or minors also have significance as they express the different aspects of 6The Lovers. It would also be helpful to note the appearance of any of these cards as well as the Year Card in any Tarotwork.
A basic understanding of the Major Arcana & of numbers would assist greatly with the insight into the influences of the Lifetime Cards if one seeks to utilize such information.