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I was interested in how to do this also, thanks for posting it - My card turned out to be The Emperor (4) :)


Wow! Thanks MeeWah! You gave me way more information than I asked for and I thank you whole-heartedly for it. (I am going to buy that book!)

KyrieSummer: Looks like we are both in for double whammies this year... good luck with yours. As for mine, I think I'm going to go home and really meditate on the Lovers card. Let me know how your journey goes.

Rhiannon :)


Thanks Bunches for taking the time to re-post that info! I am going to sign off so that I can figure mine out. Basically, it is simply Numerology, right? By the way, how do you know which one is your "Shadow Card"?


Starshine: The presence of a Shadow Card depends on the birth card as not all such cards will have a Shadow Card. It can be figured by the number that results as a birth card. If I recall correctly, all 2-digit numbers resulting from adding the birthdate numbers do not go beyond 22 because there are 22 Major Arcana. 22 is equated with 0-The Fool.
22 is considered a Master Number as is 11.
Certain 1-digit numbers are "singles"; that is, the number serves as both the Personality & Soul Cards. Those numbers have Shadow Cards, as some others will.
If the birthdate adds up to 4, then 4 is both the Personality & Soul Number. 4 is 1+3 or 13; hence, 13-Death is the Shadow Card. Or 4 is 2+2 or 22/0-The Fool.
Mary K. Greer seems to apply 13-Death & 22-The Fool interchangeably as Shadow Cards for single 4, 22-4, or 13-4.
There is a lot more to this that I do not see can be properly addressed here, so I recommend her book "Tarot Constellations" for an in-depth examination.


Thanks MeeWah, that helps quite a bit. I knew that you likely knew the answer! ;)


Ok, so I've meditated on it a bit and I think the Lovers this year is trying to tell me to get back in touch with my mate and to gain control of some of my obsessions (this forum excluded, of course!).

Also, interestingly, I have sort of looked at the cards that will be in my future. It seems that the year my oldest (daughter) turns 18 I will be in my Death card year and when my baby (son) turns 18 I will be in my Tower year. I found that to be very enlightening. And in spite of the fact that tower means very sudden and definite (scary) change, I am looking forward to it. I will finally be alone with my husband. And the following year is the Star, after all, so it can't be that bad! LOL

Thanks again for all this info. I just wanted to share my insights on it.

Rhiannon :)


Quote:Kyriesummer (06 Aug, 2001 16:23):
Ugggggghhhh! Then the double whammy is coming up! My birthday is this Wednesday and thus would start up a year of the Sun being my personal card and my year card. Why oh why me! The sun card is one of my problem cards, of course! Need to learn those lessons, whether we are always ready to learn them however, . . . .

no way!!! another Leo!?!??! LMAO

damn... i should've guessed kyrie. something about us eh? i know what you mean on the whammy. except mine seems to be the saturn returns thingy...and oh my is it getting fun. i don't think i have ever felt so full of happiness and joy in my entire life. and much of it is coming from within which is the very odd part.

last week, my friend rose even remarked about how changed my aura felt to her and how she just got done with her returns. if mine ends as eloquently as hers did... i'll be ONE happy chica. i'll tell ya more next time we get to chat on AohelL im. =)

well happy bday, and mine's this friday. hehehe... we should go out for lunch or something sometime and celebrate.

blessed be and sunshine smiles,


. .[/quote]

..... except mine seems to be the saturn returns thingy...and oh my is it getting fun. i don't think i have ever felt so full of happiness and joy in my entire life
..... and how she just got done with her returns.

Hey dc! :) Hope I did this quote thing right... just wanted to repost the gist of what I had a question about....

What is this Saturn returns thing? I need some good stuff too! :) Really, though I am curious... anything you could share about it would be great. I know Saturn is the "Lord of Karma"... haha, actually, when I calculated my year card is turns out to be Justice. very fitting.

any info would be great. thanks!


Rhiannon: I think you can safely assume that in your Death Year, life as you've known it will end or undergo a transformation :D One's child coming of age tends to do that, as well as precipitate the proliferation of white hair, etc! It can literally precede or usher in a "change of life"; represent a growth period. Ditto for The Tower Year, which is associated with more of a sudden event that is out of one's control or desires. Due to the energy of this card, it's a good idea to be especially careful when out or about or even at home. Despite the sense of a lack of control, there are also opportunities to take control as well--the flip side of The Tower is The Chariot.
Kyrie & .dc: The "double whammy" I referred to is actually the heightened vibrations such a configuration holds, similar to a double Sun sign. It pertains to greater than usual possibilities; the potential for extremes. It can be a very emotional period with a lot happening at once. It is an exciting time--though what may be exciting for one may be boring for another.
It would be interesting to see what kind of cards appear on a daily basis as well as through the months during such a year.


OOPS I nearly forgot--
Kyrie & .dc: HAPPY BIRTHDAY to both of you Leo's!! May God/dess guide ye daily; grant ye abundance in all the joys of this world, now & always!