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Thanks MeeWah! And happy birthday to you as well .dc! We do need to hook up, but after this week, still in class . . .

Saturn Return. I had a good one as well when I went through it. Basically, once every 29 years or so Saturn comes back into your life in the same position it was when you were born. It can mean major life changes, upheavels etc.

Saturn Return right now is supposed to be quite intense. I will go on the astrology forum section and post a very interesting site. I would post it here, but think it would get too off topic, and as it is more astrology related than tarot . . .

So go there and get the web site.


Thanks again for the great info. and advice MeeWah!

and *singing* Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you....

... and we won't get into the monkey part of the song for you 2, ok? ;)

Rhiannon :)


MeeWah and Rhiannon...

Thanks for the bday greetings...hehe... yeah, let's skip the monkey bit or was that supposed to be money? =) i digress.

kyrie, thanks for the astrology link. yes, i'd hafta say that minus a few bumps in the road (like today, and it's not even 8am yet) i've had a very intense rising. Joya, i'd recommend asking the What is a Saturn Returns question in the astrology part of the forum since i dont really quite understand it myself, but i love your description of it as that is pretty much what i feel is going on...almost like the great karmic balancer.

whee...i hope today gets better, cos man, i hate this feeling.

blessed be and HAPPY BDAY KYRIE! =)


My 2 cents , for what it's worth again: Kyriesummer,I strongly feel that your personal card is #1 magician first. And your birthday Does add up to 19=1. Maybe #19 the sun , and #10 wheel of fortune do count in there also,if you want to look at it that way. And the sun is your personal year card if that added up that way. But I still believe the magician is your personal card overall.


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