Personal deities


Firstly I am not sure what everyone elses beliefs are but I believe everyone upon first life was choosen by a deity. This deity would be with you for eternity.

Almost all traditions have a different name for this concept so I will not get involved in that. I believe that this deity is a representation of our true selves as in part of us directly. They embody a set of ideals which allow us to reach new levels of divine understanding.

So why do I bring this all up? Well I recently feel I have rediscovered my personal deity and would like to share the story.

For as long as I can remember ther has always been a female aspect with me. I have seen her in dreams and even visions while I was a wake. She always appeared the same. In her early twenties with long black hair, wearing a long flowing white dress, and is as raidiant as light. Just total beauty. In dreams she has always protected me and I have protected her. One thing was always in common I always took her hand. It gives me goosebumps typing this right now.

Over the last ten years I have been praying to this nameless aspect for guidance and strength. Even on occasion praying for her to reveal her name. Always answered with cryptic dreams, visions and signs until now.

Just the other night I had a dream. This can be found in the divination forum. The general gist for this thread is that she was there. I knew her name and upon knowing it I took her hand and we shared a passionate kiss. I believe this kiss is indicative of being reunited and sealing a pact of passion and devotion for eachother. Her name is Diana.

Yes the Roman moon goddess the huntress. It all now makes sense. The bear dream and the dream of hunting as vampire to save her. I am sure it even has something to do with the werewolf dream as well. It feels amazing to ultimately reach this spiritual turning point.

Now I ask you have you found your personal deity and if so what is your story?


There was another forum member, Sophie-David, who once wrote about a similar experience.... I don't think they post here now, but their posts must be still there and might make interesting reading for you.


Thanks for the tip. I wish I was not at work and had the time to put together a full analytic post about how everything fell together in one fell swoop just truly amazing.


what a wonderful experience, thank you for sharing. No, unfortunitly I have not experience anything like this. I will keep an open mind and start looking ;)


That is a wonderful story of connection! How awesome that you now know her name, and the realm she inhabits!

I have a couple of personal deities. Including Chronata, the Goddess of Perfect Timing...who I was convinced I had dreamed up, and then later found that she actually already existed (albeit under different names and guises)


Yes I am very excited and emotional about it. Thank you everyone for enjoying my experience I knew I just had to share. It feels like a empty void has been filled up.


That is a wonderful story and I enjoyed reading. I don't believe in personal deities, but that doesn't mean they don't exist, or that there isn't one who would like to make contact with me. It's not their fault I am disengaged from that experience. But who knows what tomorrow may bring!


I relate strongly to Lakshmi, the Hindu black-haired goddess of great good fortune. ;)

I always knew my guiding spirit was female, as I heard her speak to me many times, most memorably in hospital after dying and coming back to life ;)

I did not really know who she was until about 4 years ago, in regard to having lost a pup to kidney failure. I was subsequently given another puppy randomly, and when I got her, the name Lakshmi and the presence of the Goddess in question very strongly tied into it. The entire story is too long to recount here, but I subsequently ended up naming my puppy Lakshmi ;) and I have a small altar dedicated to Lakshmi, the diety... I can't say she (either dog or diety, lol!) brings me money, but she certainly brings me good fortune and happiness.... ;)

Thanks for sharing your Diana story, I did see your dream in the other column. I am so glad that you feel connected, settled and happy with your diety, Siochanai ;)