Personal Experiences with Frouds Faeries ...


Since the Faeries have graced my home (purse and office *LOL*) I have found the most interesting things happening. I thought I would create this thread to share them, and in hopes of hearing your stories as well.

First it was their insistance in living in the blue velevet Mermaid bag where my Cosmic Tribe lived. "Mermaids are faeries that is our bag" ~shakes head and laughs~ ... needless to say I gave in as you might have read in a previous post of mine under a different thread.

Another significant moment where I knew they were involved happened to me and Truthsayer at the same time. We were making an exchange and she sent me my new deck in one of Tarot Totes fairy bags (I had an identical bag by the way). Her note said something like "your faeries told me to send this deck in this bag" ... Intersting I thought, as I had not been paying much attention to them. Knowing this was a sign to pull out the deck, I did a 3 card reading and replied to Truthsayer asking her first if she had been ingoring "her" faeries and pmd her the reading. She replied that yes she had been neglecting them too and that the reading applied to her as well. It was pretty neat to actually share that experience with Truthsayer.

Then just last week I pulled out the deck again to do a reding, and I could not find the book anywhere! (needed to double check something). It took me 3 days to find the book. Then I asked who was behind the dissapearance of the book and the Green Woman pops out *LOL* ... the little faeries were getting even (playfully) for my neglect of them.

I said this once and I will say it again ... this is the most interactive deck I have ever worked with.

How about your stories?


Don't know that I've got any real stories but I have been racking my brains to think of an exercise we could do and not having much success.

So I asked the Faeries and I agree, I think they are a bit cross with us for neglecting them.

Arval the Parrot - 2 days running seems to be saying there's not enough talk, not enough communication - obviously.

But today lots of posts so lets keep it up - perhaps it doesn't matter what we say - just keep the communication going.


mooncat2 said:
Arval the Parrot - 2 days running seems to be saying there's not enough talk, not enough communication - obviously.

This is exactly what I am talking about! :) ... they just let you know!


They made me do it! *LOL*

Well the Faeries tormented me until I got the Faery Ring Oracle for THEM! (cool deck by the way). Last night I was reading the book and now I completly understand why they wanted me to get it! They like the cool spreads offered in the book and they also want me to use the two decks in conjunction or particualar occassions. You see ... the Faery ring has 8 esbat cards that can be used to potentially determine time of year ... But the main reason they wanted the deck/book set was the spreads! When I have more time I will post these spreads individually in one thread for you all ... the faeries want me to share :)

I will let the faeries guide me in the order they would like me to post the 9 spreads.


well, i've been living with faerie's for awhile before this deck came into my home.

but........did you know that...............faerie's like to sleep in the folds of soft, sheer curtains? they love the sounds of birds and fountains? and they like to have a plant in their 'corner' to put their feet into!

i discovered this while doing a reading for a client that has ALOT of fairies that are with her. they told me, in their faerie voices what they 'required'. heehee

oh and pampas grass.................they like to have this in the yard to call the other faerie's passing by, to come for tea!

in light,


Arval Parrot insisted that he be the top card on my deck, and I knew he was trying to tell me something. Now I know what that is...
They want me to do more readings!


My Faery Story

Hello Faery Lovers, This morning after I read this post I realized I have been neglecting my faery cards this summer and got my cards out. As I was shuffling them a card feel out I noticed it was The Faery who was kissed by the Pixies. I put it back in the deck and kept shuffling asking them what message they have for me. As I cut the card I drew The Faery who was kissed by the Pixies. Wow! That was definately a wow moment and I dug my book out and read about it. It is about giving and receiving love. Well today my youngest daughter started kindergarten and after she got on the bus the reality set in and I came in a had a good cry. This was the perfect card for me too see that the faeries were thinking about me and realized how much I love my daughter they wanted to cheer me up and give me a kiss. It felt good. I definately feel reconnected with the faeries once again.


~Hugs Momof3girls~ What a lovely story! The Faeries were also probably kissing you for returning your attention to them as well ;)


it's a hard day when your child goes off to school for the first time.

i send kisses from jade as well :*


They are at it again! *LOL*

Well the Faeries have been REAL busy around me these last few days ... plus they have been sending Truthsayer and I messages to each other *LOL*. And yes Truthsayer I was planning on taking them on my wedding ... the soon to be hubby totally understands. Actually he would probably think I was ill if I didn't take the Faeries *LOL*.

Anyways ... today my card of the day is The Singer of Healing (10) ... I don't want to go into details but there could not have been a more appropriate Faerie to appear today. This deck NEVER ceases to amaze me! and I have been working with it since February! It is so intuitive it is sort of scary ... but in a really good way :p