personal faery oracle observations


Gooooood time to all! :)
I am new at this forum, so I'm hoping to participate in ongoing activity. ;) A brief info on me. My name is Ilaidj. I am 22 and following the Sidhe path.

As I read further on earlier posts, I found that some of them are old, so I decided to put my view in a separate topic rather than spread fragments in different topics, trying to catch a runaway train. :)

(1) My favorite card.
It's Solus. The other one is Honesty. In fact, when I needed it faeries suggested me an exercise for spirit purification, involving both cards. First, you should gain a slightly altered state of conscience and watch Honesty, slowly moving the immortal part of you (spirit) through the card (which serves as a filter) into dark space behind the image. Then from behind the Honesty tune to the Solus energy. Whenever you feel you have enough ;), slowly return back through Honesty and into your body. I felt such an elated spiritual empowerment I cannot describe in words. I had also asked some friends to try this. And they describe their experience somewhat similar to mine. One may ask faeries for guidance. I didn't since it was their suggestion. :) Of course, such experiences are always personal, but why not give it a try? (well, it's Luathas who's helping me today).

(2) Solus.
I also read an old thread where Solus was discussed. Since he is my favorite, I decided to share my understanding of Solus. Solus works through me exclusively on the 5th chakra energies, defining, in my opinion, the lower border of the Sidhe spirit, as the 'lower' chakras deal more with people, rather than Sidhe's, energies. Solus energizes my spirit as the only thing I am, not the human body. Many respected members of the board mentioned Solus's cold eyes. This speaks to me as a request to lay aside my emotions and view the situation and my true self from Sidhe's point. Yes, he manifests trans-FORM-ation from emotionless Singers to the Elders (called Sidhe), who sometimes deal with emotions. He is the transition between the core and the form as represented by the Sidhe.

(3) And continuing further with my thoughts on the Singers.
I know that I am late for the topic discussing the Singers, so I'm posting it here. If anyone is interested in further discussion, I'd be glad to join in a new thread. :)

As far as my understanding of the Singers goes, I can say the following. The Singers are pure principles (concepts) of the native world of Sidhe (here I mean the faery folk in general, not only the Elders). They are, basically speaking, the energies that the Sidhe (the faery folk) work with. Those are creative powers as the Sidhe are the Creators. The Elders are the only ones who decided to settle on Earth, that is why, I think, Jessica Macbeth says that energies of the Singers are transmitted to this world by the Sidhe. In my opinion, the Singers can be left out from the oracle, but they would still exist (just like I felt energies of several Singers before I obtained the oracle itself). It is a matter of personal spiritual growth rather than a mandatory part of the oracle. (Personally I prefer to see the Singers drawn by Brian Froud rather than my clumsy pencil sketches). The group I am sure the oracle will be useless without is the Sidhe.

That is a very personal view on the subject, based on my experience, understanding of what I was told and myths I consider the part of myself as I am following the Sidhe path. I don't mean to say that this is true for any of you. :)

(4) The Faery Guide.
As far as I remember Jessica Macbeth says that it is a personal Guide to the world of Faery. I put this card away because I see no use in it (I prefer to communicate with faeries on my own). On the other hand, there appeared several faeries (from B.Froud's paintings) who wished to be present in the (my) oracle. I even had to draw one, who claimed to be the brother of Luathas the Wild. Well, all of those faeries fall in the category of the Challengers. And the Sidhe got me acquainted by with one more Singer - the Singer of Revenge. The Sidhe say that it is not safe for people to work with it (faeries allowed me to talk here about it :) ), although it is not revenge as people would normally define it (like injuring in return for injuring). It is more to a Sidhe term. :)

There is a faery-told spread for current movement on the Path. Yes, those spreads are VERY personal. As I do have some of Sidhe spiritual blood in me, it involves finding out who is inspiring me to take one or another action, except for the actions I take sole responsibility for. Faeries most of the times turn my reading upside down. I guess it is not exclusively a Topsy Turvets' privilege. *lol*. (Topsy Turvets giggle SO funny. I just can't stand but laugh with them). Well, concerning faery-style readings they redistribute accents across the spread. So sometimes I feel like I should have acted differently and what I am eagerly struggling for is nothing more than my delusion. They point this out and laugh. I LOVE their attitude towards life - very light and sparkly. I guess they know the REAL VALUE of things.

(5) The oracle as the mantic and magical system.
In my opinion, the oracle as the mantic system is more 'gentle' with the situation. I work with runes and a little with the Celtic Tarot. The oracle readings are easier to interpret not only because faeries speak of their meanings in one or another spread themselves, but because the oracle in general takes a different approach viewing the situation - from the inside out. I find that Tarot and runes tend to describe the situation from 'above' if you see what I mean. When I'm doing a reading on runes or Tarot I see that it affects the situation slightly. And it is not that I am doing a reading wrong (who can tell right from wrong when you are guided? :)), but the feature that enables them (runes and Tarot) to serve in its magical, not mantic, capacity. The faery oracle has a 'lighter' approach. I am really sure how to express it in words. Let me give your an illustration on this issue. I experienced (and I am still experiencing) some spiritual transformation that I felt very subtle. I needed to see how I should behave while in process. I was sure that holding a reading with Tarot or runes can reflect negatively on the process of transformation itself. At the same time I felt that the faery oracle wouldn't affect the transformation at all. Of course, the whole thing is strictly personal.

As a magical system it's different from what I was used to using mostly runes and sometimes my Celtic Tarot (the one with the actual figures like Dian Kecht as the Hierophant). The faery magic is natural (as it is, perhaps, obvious to many of you, I had to re-reveal it once again for deeper understanding). They are alive. And you can ask him rather than setting up a ritual with runes to perform magic. As I work with Reiki energies, I find faery energies 'lighter' and more platform-dependent (*lol*).

By the way, the first thing I asked the oracle was 'what kind of relationship I will get into with you?'. The answer was - The Friends. :) Should I say more? :)

I hesitated a bit if I should post something like this to the forum, so I listened silence for a while, waiting for faery guidance. And it came as a definite 'do it, do it', I bet it was Luathas the Wild whom I am getting acquainted today with. Oh man, he reminds me here (just in the 'let's do it' capacity!) of Beavis and Butthead series. :))

So, there it was, my little tribute to personalized vision of the oracle, my communicating with faeries and faery pathworking.
I hope that some of you find this piece of my modest experience helpful or interesting.


Thank you very much for your insight!
I just got this deck myself, and I am continually encouraged by the observations of you and others here.
I was especially glad to learn that you put the "Guide" card aside. I was starting to get frustrated with exactly what to do with that card. As I am currently going through the "getting acquainted" steps in the book, this card never seems to have a place. It has basically become a bookmark (*gasp*), but now I don't feel so bad, knowing that perhaps I just don't need it...
I am now in the midst of creating notes on each card, but when I am done (half-way there!), I look forward to sharing my own stories...


That was a wonderful post, you are clearly deeply in tune with the fae world and the cards are personal helpers to you.
I enjoyed all of your observations, thanks and I look forward to more of your posts. Marion


Thank You, Marion! :)
They really are helpers. They always give a helpful advise when needed. In fact, they are more like the Collective of Spiritual Teachers rather than images of the deck. *lol*

Ilaidj Sidhe


Hi Octopus, I enjoyed reading your post, and I love the enthusiasm and energy that you express in your life with the faeries. May I ask you a question? The card I dislike the most is The Singer of Healing.
I know it is the healing of mind body and spirit, and I should see it as a valuable learning card but I just don't like it.
It gives me a very bad feeling. Can you give me any insight into this card from your perspective and study?


I feel that the concept of the Singer of Healing is translated through the Faery Who Was Kissed by Pixies and with the help of the Laume. Of course, they are not the only faeries to work with this energy, but I see Healing energy in them more clearly.

To me, the Singer of Healing speaks more of a spiritual and emotional healing, rather than mind and body. And I must point out once again that this may be only in my experiences. As someone vividly stated, they speak of different things in different situations (whether you are doing a spread or faery pathworking). Moreover, Jessica Macbeth warns that meanings of the cards is a subject to change without prior notice. :) Well, back to healing. I also practice Rei-Ki healing, so I have something I can compare the Singer's healing energy with. I'd say that the Singer's energy deals with issues that are 'settled' around higher chakras, as Rei-Ki does more of body and mind healing, and emotional. Both, they still have a thing in common - they both harmonize you. They let energy flow unrestrained through you.

Once the Singer of Healing was not my favorite card either. ;) It seemed alien ;) to me. One night when I was doing one of those faery-style readings (basically 'talking' to faeries), I got a clear message that I will not be able to move on with my development unless I accept this energy. So, I intuitively (well, guided by faeries, of course:)) set up a simple ritual where I tried to let the Singer's energy through me. It healed a part of me and revealed several issues, I attempted to avoid looking at, for me to work with. It provided me with what I really NEEDED rather than with what I WANTED (basically, all faeries do that, in my opinion). So, it did give me a chance to move further and be aware of what I have to deal with now. Now I am sincerely in love with the Singer of Healing. :):) (Although the issues revealed are not the ones I enjoy working with. Oh well, that's why I am here ;)).

I think, some people transmit the Singer's energy. They are the ones who help you feel comfort and warmth of their heart when with them. They give, before all, emotional healing to those who need it because they know the price of real things. (It seemed to me a great message from faeries that one can't POSSESS any of the real things, e.g. one can't possess joy, sparks, friendship, light etc. The only way is to be united with it).

The mantic interpretation depends on a particular situation, so I will not go into this. When reversed, for me it may mean that the energy is blocked or is just starting to build up in one's life.

If you feel enough courage to deal with your dislike towards the Singer of Healing, you can ask faeries (the oracle) about what seems to be a difficulty in your attitude towards this card. (Perhaps, you can share your insight with us here ;)).

I hope that helps. :) Good luck to you, lark!


yhank-you Octopus

You are very wise in the ways of the faeries. I will let the Singer of Healing's energy come through me today in meditation, and post it tommorrow. I feel it has something to do with the psychic developement classes I'm taking. Especially if this singers energy focuses around the higher chakras.

Maybe the reason I feel I need to deal with him now is so I can progress in my classes. Hope I have the courage to deal with what I see.


Singer of healing meditation

He told me I don't like him because to me he looks like an embryonic alien. That I'm afraid of what will be born if I continue with my classes. That what is really holding me back is not what will be born. Because that will be a wonderous thing. But the fact that old taboos about religion from my childhood need to be looked at with new eyes. The singer of healing told me to take what was of value, and leave the rest behind. To forgive those that only thought (and still do think) that what they were teaching was for the greater good. To incorporate those things of value into my own beliefs and then I will have peace and healing. And be able to move on in my spiritual and psychic growth.

I will never look at the Singer of Healing the same again. Thank-you Octopus it was an amazing meditation and it all happened in the shower!

Faeries are not very modest.


I'm glad for you, Lark. :) It seems like you had a wonderful insight with the Singer of Healing. Good luck to you! :)


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(Sorry for the off-topic.)