Personal reading some help would be appreciated


I asked what can I know about my relationship with X using the lovers oracle,
It's an on off friendship quite complex.

Balance jumped out straight away
(The card above the rest). - " love is not always about agreeing just for the sake of it. a great relationship is one that. It's supports challenges."

Past - (1st card from the left), "acceptance is the key to inner peace. At times we must accept things as they are. There no point in trying to change that which is beyond our control."

Present (card with the moon) " surrender - at times we must surrender the old before something new can enter our lives. Let go and all will work out."

Future Sacred union -" honour and treasure your relation for it is truely Sacred."

Out come Sexual union honour the place in one another where you are one eternal soul, for there you will find true bliss."

My take

Jumper - Balance I feel this is telling me a simple but yet strong message, I feel this card is saying that we need to find a harmonious balance with one another and that we need to sort out our issues rather then please each other, I feel this is strongly saying we shouldn't snap and argue but yet support each other and help one another when times are rough.

In the past, I feel is saying to me I shouldn't have thought who he was or tried to I feel that the past me should have accepted gracefully what the relationship/friendship was as it was possibly all we could have given one another at the time, In the present I need to learn to back down and allow X to come to me. If I continue to chase and pester things will only get worse (I've actually started to back down a little tbh!) but I need to accept things for what they do it can make way for new energy with in the relationship/friendship. I feel it's telling me that when things change I need to be greatful and treasure what I've got I don't need to yell for more etc.

Out come sexual union, the first thing that came to me was it could turn out to be a very sexual based friendship.

Any thoughts? X


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