Personal Summary of Your Own UPP Cards

Wisp Wings

Shortening this to be called "UPP" meaning defined as "U" Universal, "P" Power, "P" Power ....Your most important starting triple cards!

Personal Summary of Your Own UPP Cards: Knowledge from your Universal card and your two Power cards

Wanted: All others to share here on this thread who found a deep meaning(s) of what their Universal card and their two Power cards combined revealed to them. (I do know you draw your two power ones first. Consider it a fae thing, but UPP, still is saying the same as "up" and seems inspiring, uplifting. So why using this order for the acronym. They do have a way of turning all on its head.)

I hadn't seen a thread addressing the total picture of these important three cards, of what it said to the individual or a place if they wished for other to help aid in this. Thus the reason for starting this new thread. I haven't to date posted my UPP cards, as I was needing to say what the combined "outcome" resulted. So we have this place now. :) I will go and post to the individual threads for each of these cards, then later come and post my summary gleened.

Please be free to start posting away to this thread! Share your own summary of your UPP or in sharing a response to others of their UPP.

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We might want to address the subject line as "UPP of ____" (inserting the user ID), to identify which person's we are addressing.

Wisp Wings

My UPP cards that I had. I saw information on why these came, what is most surprising on these three was very strongly felt and right beneath the surface. This I wondered if ever I was going to be willing to share with the forum here. But it is so fae-like in how mirroring that they are that I decided over the last few months to share it.

My most liked, favorite card was #28, "Penelope Dreamweaver", key words from the book -- Inspiration. Magical dreams. Visions.

My least liked, least favorite card was #55, "The Soul Shrinker". Key words from the book -- Cruelty. Malice. Gossip. Curses. Destruction. Blessing.

My Universal card (even at being twice drawn, both times) was #49, "Mikle a' Muckle". Key words from the book -- Everyday blessings. Play. Mixed blessings.

Of course I delved into the card exercises and re-read over my thoughts and what I saw in the cards and then read and re-read everything on these three cards many times in seeing how they fit in my life.

On a deeper level having vision and higher thinking is paramount to me. A well-spring for me and to believe and live my dreams. Injustice, cruelty and such is the most vile form of humanity on the face of the earth to me. Simple pleasures and finding happiness in the moment is very important to me and I feel is key to having contentment in all life. We can't all have the same degree of happiness, but we can all find joy and blessings in small pleasures and in simple things.

What I noticed once understanding how each of the UPP were to be treated was, was what I had been going through for months at the time....experiencing a physical pain for a future gain. It may seem trivial to many of you, but it was major to me and was highly personal and of quite an expense. I am 46. I was in a bad marriage for over two decades and that all is in the past! I have been remarried for a couple of years to a wonderful man. Why telling this sets up the reason of why the need for what was taking place. Taking place was something that in the past, I was only able to dream and envision that someday it would happen. All of this was Penelopes part. I wanted to be able to be comfortable with encounters with people (especially new meetings), to have the confidence to smile nicely when I wished to, and to eat normally. I was getting to live out a long held dream come true for me. I had much emotional scares as well as a major and noticeable physical flaw that was representive of #55, "The Soul Shrinker". I shrinked back from meeting people and from smiling as a result and it did impact my inner self. Remember too, along with destruction, there is blessing added in the keywords for him. I believe the blessing is reaching to levels of humanity. Lastly my Universal card, I very much am the personality of the onery grin, the rosy cheeked person that # 49, Mik is. (Not the big nose, lol). I do hold to seeing everyday blessings. I am laid-back and easy going. Where he also figured in was, mixed blessings - a "hang in there and it will all eventually pay off and be worth it". Okay, what was all this about? I had in the past marriage went for decades with barely and only when in terrible pain any dental visits. We didn't have dental insurances and I just wasn't worth the money required to get to go to my Ex. Thus, eventually this spelled out bad teeth and the need for a partial and a denture. In this marriage, there is no dental coverage either. Early on in this year, I yet again had a tooth that could not be helped and was needing to be extracted. THIS husband saw to it that I was going to get the dental care I was in need of. So for months, due to a lot of reasons and largely money ones too, I was having to have dental visits. I had to endure a number of extractions and several that wasn't pain free while being removed. I have had to heal from them all too. Well you get the picture. When you read from the exercise, the part I most disliked about the Soul Shrinker was "those teeth". I know that (even though mine didn't look quite as his), I was seeing my bad teeth. I was feeling the looks from people on seeing me with my teeth the same way I felt repulsed on looking on him. In knowing this too, I have a softer feeling in regards to him and today even though I still don't have him among a favorite, when seeing him I symbolicly hug him. Today I am finally pain-free with my teeth, able to have a beautiful smile and can easily show a big open one as sweet, playful, onery Mik does.