Petrarch - Triumphs English translation!


This XIV Century poem by Francesco Petrarca is thought by many to be important for the birth of Tarot (and for its original name "Trionfi").
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Just to give you an idea of the beauty of this poem, here are a few verses describing the Triumph of Chastity (Laura) over Love:

THAT LADY, glorious and beautiful,
Who, once a pillar of high excellence,
Is now but spirit and a little earth,
In honor was returning from her war,
Glad for her victory over the great foe
Who with his fraudulence afflicts the world
Her weapons none save purity of heart,
Beauty of countenance and modest thought,
And converse ever virtuous and wise.
And it was wondrous in her train to see,
Shattered, the arrows and the bow of Love,
And those whom he had captured or had slain.
Returning from their noble victory
The lovely lady with a chosen few
Together made a troop that was but small
The glory that is true is ever rare
But for herself each one of them deserved
A noble poem, or historic fame.
The banner of their victory displayed
An ermine white upon a field of green,
Wearing a chain of topaz and of gold.