Petro -- Mambo [Queen of Wands]


The nude Mambo embraces the snake; she actually has the snake by the throat (control?). She is balanced, like one balances on a rope. Both are suspended above a lake of hot lava. Firey breaths are exchanged. The snake is red: a manifestation of Damballah?

There is a dark blue sky in the background: either twilight or pre-dawn. This could indicate clandestine or undercover, which would tie in with one of the traditional interpretations of the Queen of Wands as the “other woman”. Also, this card has a very sexual connotation (which fits that definition as well).

The grass is long, but not that green (old grass? Dying grass?); is this due to the heat from the lava (passion kills growth, in this instance? Burns away the old to make way for the new?).

I interpret this card to be about mastering passions/energies, not being controlled by them.


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