Phantasmagoric - 10 of Wands

Little Baron

Even though my main reading deck is the Universal Waite and I am studying the Rohrig in this forum with Freesiaskye and Divinerguy, I felt that I needed to pull a different decks card for my daily one card reading.

After corresponding on the forum with Maan, I decided that I will now pull my daily card from the Phantasmagoric Theatre Tarot, since it has a very different energy to the UW and Rohrig; I also don't want other cards to get in the way while I am studying certain groups of them with the other 'Rohrig'/'Universal Waite' students.

I am going to do this in the evening when I relax, so that I can work in the daytime and also focus on the said card throughout. I am going to post up the first few draws here, if nobody objects - please feel free to contribute feelings and thoughts. I will also attatch the card, since I understand, through reading threads on this deck, it is hard to find places to view all of them.

Okay, my one card draw for tomorrow is -

10 of Wands

What do I see in the card? A young man sitting on what appears to be a cut down tree trunk. There are trees behind him, papers of some kind beside him, what looks like a 'question mark' tatoo'd to his head and from him, are ten wands - the kind that you may imagine fairie Godmothers to have.
Infront of the man is a large, disembodied head, in bright yellow, with a massive grin.

Graham Cameron says of this card -
"Axle loves the Fire Wand Circus and does all he can to promote it by handing out advertisements to the inhabitants of the woods. Yet, Axle is tired because he has taken on too much responsibility, and is burdened by other peoples problems. Although his intentions are worthwhile, he struggles to stay determined. The Ten of Wands represents a struggle, reminding us that we must stay strong and work hard. Meeting challenges may be neccessary for development".

I look at this card as my position with work at the moment. It is still looming over me but all the while I am not doing it, the idea of it seems heavier and larger, and I am aware that the deadline is getting closer. I feel like I have run out of creativity and inspiration and for me, the question mark on Axle's head shows my questioning whether I am good enough and asking myself how I am actually going to answer the current college brief.
At the moment, I am not considering just one element of what I have to do; I am thinking of and trying to do bits of all of them, and that is turning it into a burden when really I should be enjoying the work. Tomorrow, I am going to concentrate on making a pair of trousers. I am going to (just) make the trousers and not think about the flat work I have to do, the designs, organising models and photographers ... just the trousers. That big smily face at the bottom of the card is how I will feel if I make them well.

Funnily enough, the trouser material is a cool blue suiting fabric, which I think will look elegant and sleek. I had been toying with using a faintly checked wool that I bought not so long ago. The colours in this card are pretty much identical to that in the fabric - a rich green, with faint yellowy mustard/yellow/beige crossing lines to make a check. Is that a subtle hint?

The stars in this card do strike me as possitive, however, and I think that for me, they symbolise something that should be uplifting, but which I have turned into a chore. I think that they are suggesting I have a go at turning that around and actually enjoying what I do.

Best wishes to you all



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I really like this deck, I take it out to look at very often, but hardly ever use it (and yes, Maan, I did finally read the LWB! Didn't help, though....).

But I really like the way you describe this card here, Yaboot! Interesting to see your observations on the picture, and your personal ideas on the card.

Thanks for sharing this! I hope you'll continue to post your thoughts on your daily PT draw. :)

How did the trousers come out? Did you manage to focus on only making them (sounded very meditative, the way you described that), to not let your mind get away from the here/now/trousers?

Little Baron

Hi Hedera

I have worked on those trousers today; the pattern took a while so I didn't complete them. Tomorrow, In will be constructing them.

Yesterday, when I wrote about the card, I paid a lot of attention to Axle's flyers that surrounded him. Today, my Mum nagged me to do some stuff that I had been putting off. I had to fill forms in to try and claim money back for a prescription, had to order my loan application ... I see those pieces of paper as signifying the paperwork I also had to do today.

I am glad that you liked this post. I will post again tonight for tomorrows card. Just don't want to clog up the board if it is not of interest to anyone. I just find it theraputic at the moment to draw with this deck.

Best wishes and thanks



Please, don't think you're clogging up the board!

It is very interesting to read your thoughts on these cards. :)

Sometimes threads just take a while to get lively. Or sometimes people do read them, but don't reply right away.

Funny how those papers showed up! :D

Little Baron

Also ... just a personal thing. My mother has strange 'spells' at times and it makes communicating with her difficult for my Dad and I (don't get me wrong, my mum is great).

Looking at this now, I can see my mum's 'spell' or change of personality in the yellow figure. My Dad (who also has no hair LOL), I can see in the desperation of Axle. The way in which they are not looking at each other and communicating. Hadn't thought of this yesterday but tonight, she was like that again and they argued. I will look out for this in other cards - might be a bit more prepared.

**When my mother was in one of these 'moments', I previously showed her the Phantasmagoric - her response, with an odd look on her face was 'That's not right! They all look like pigs'. Well, there you go - a tarot response from a mad mother!!!**

Best wishes



Weird, isn't it, how tarot can get so very personal sometimes....


Axle Lapel

10 of Wands

The first thing I noticed was Axle's eye on the right--like a scope in a submarine, looking, scanning, finding the target. His patchwork suit needs some silk floss embroidery, silk ribbon and charms.......oops sorry, I lost my head there. It is much like a jester's suit, heralding the fete, the excitement of entertainment. The stars in his pack like celebratory arrows, seeking their targets to better ignite the excitement of the crowd. Gifts of light and happiness for a few, but no one seems to be listening despite his efforts. He has many handbills left over. Does no one want to go to the circus anymore?

The Blob, I think I am starting to agree with Galadrial here, he IS a pooka, I wonder if he is visible to any but those in the circus? I'm afraid I like him, he reminds me of a wobbly, jelly-like yellow rubber toy I had once that looked like this but with legs and arms with funny hands. Various branches of the pooka family I expect. They form a worldwide troupe, travelling faeries, Blobs Anonymous, turning up here and there to smile continually, not even stopping to wet their teeth.

It's like dressing for a party and being overwhelmed or conscious that your have dressed incorrectly. It's all too much and one becomes frazzled and isolated in thought. I wonder if he is called Axle because he needs a wheel on the other side to balance him? You can't be an Axle without 2 wheels, you can't do everything yourself.

I'm actually getting an idea for a bag for this deck, I have checked fabric, but I want to overdye it first. I am looking for dice for the drawstring. I have some small and large pewter stars, I just need some numbers...

Little Baron

Dice for a drawstring. Excellent idea!


Phantasmagoric Theater - 10 of Wands

Phantasmagoric Theater: 10 of Wands...

this is what the lil' book says about him:

Axle loves the Fire Wand Circus and does all he can to promote it by handing out advertisements to the inhabitants of the woods. Yet, Axle is tired because he has taken on too much responsibility, and is burdened by other people's problems. Although his intentions are worthwhile, he struggles to stay determined.

book meaning: The 10 of wands represents a struggle, reminding us that we must remain strong and work hard. Meeting challenges may be necessary for development.

shadow side of the card: taking on too much.

I'd like to know.. who is the yellow blob, on the forefront of the card?? He's cute, for a blob. ;)

You can see the 10 of wands, in the gallery here:


Hi Sunflowr- Cute blob, but I think blob is an inhabitant of the woods - a mushroom that is growing and growing- just like your burdens and responsibilities when you're tired. The thing about mushrooms is they are shortlived and once they have spawned their spores, they become managable as the new crop. Gather them up when refreshed and make an omlette. ~Rosanne