Phantasmagoric 14/8 *Three of Coins*

Little Baron

Hi all.

Todays card is The Three of Coins.

This little guy seems to be a clock-maker or repairer. The door of his room is open for people to look in and around him, are clocks that he has either made, repaired or is waiting to repair. They all have different times.
He stands at his work station and examines an alarm clock. His pumpkin-like face seems satisfied. I can not make out what the little mark on his head is - is it a stitch? Three coins lay infront of him - possibly payment for the work he is about to do.

Graham Cameron says of this card -
"Inhabitants of the Earth Coin Villiage cannot function without the aid of a timepiece. Mr Dimp has skillfully mastered the art of fixing clocks and has become indespensible in the village. Mr Dimp is devoted to his work and is willing to sacrifice his time for others.
The three of coins represents using our business skillsor crafts for the help of the community.
Reversed: Uninterested in volunteering for the good of the community, expecting others to do everything".



I like the feel of this card. Surrounded by oranges, yellow and greens, he himself remains in neutrals; taking in the good vibes but not distracted by them.
Even though his back is turned, the door is wide open and has a large window even when it is shut. He is aware of and open to the community. They, in turn, respect his talents and do not barge in when they see him working.
The clocks all work, but show different times. He is not stuck thinking there is only one "right" time. His idea of community extends beyond geographical lines, and he plays a mean game of chess over the internet against "FischerKing", who is several time zones away.
Spirit, mind and body are in harmony and focused to the task. This is what makes him so good at what he does, such and asset to the community, and three games up on FischerKing.

Little Baron

I like the idea of the different times. It reminds me that when I type here at 2am, that some of you are typing back from a different time, maybe on a sunny afternoon, from a different part of the world.



Hi, all!

The different times remind me of the 'community' all over the world, much like our Aeclectic Community. And I really like the open door, and the trust he has that whoever comes in that door will be a friend, a part of the community.

I like this card a lot!




Yaboot001 said:
It reminds me that when I type here at 2am, that some of you are typing back from a different time, maybe on a sunny afternoon, from a different part of the world.

Or maybe not if you've been part of the massive blackout we had in Ontario and the NE United States. 24 hours without power. There's a fun time for you, with additional blackouts and brownouts to come.

Mr. Bob Smudgely-Brownout insists on running his air conditioner continually at 68 degrees F. I mean really, he doesn't care if 50 million people go without power, he's gonna crank that thing when it gets hot.

Bob is just not a team player.

Posting shortly on 3 of Coins unless Bob turns that %^&(* thing on high again........


A Ripple in the Dimp of Time

The thing on Mr. Dimp's head looks to be some sort of glyph which is not discernible to me.

He seems a happy chap, but we'd all be this happy if we'd just eaten a few peanut butter cups on the sly as Mr. Dimp has. He hides them in the back of empty clocks and people see him scurrying to open the backs of timepieces and think, "My, we are lucky to have Mr. Dimp fixing things for us," but Mr. Dimp is thinking of the crimped edge of the chocolate cup and biting into sweet peanut butter. Yeah, he knows what to make time for.

He has a lot of fine tools which he takes good care of, specialty tools with ebony handles and special shapes to fit the screws and sprockety doodads on clocks. There is nothing as satisfying as having expensive, high quality tools, unless it is biting into a peanut butter cup after a long day of working on tiny gears.

He leaves his front door open so that people can drop by and chat (another good reason to hide his peanut butter cups!), and he knows people hear his clocks chime the hour through the open portal, and it makes him feel cheery to share time with people.

Time is music to Mr. Dimp. Time is the the brass key in hand, the song of gongs, the infinite alternating movement of pendulums, the whispers of hands in seconds, repeating numerals around and around, the hours danced by well oiled gears, slipping, slipping like water over waterwheels, tumbling forever, singing.


This little guy literally works round the clock lol. I love that this card still embraces the spirtual aspect of doing a service or the coming together to do a service for a greater good. The stark black clothing in this brightly colored background again lies against that priestly working on the church RWS vibe.