Phantasmagoric 6/8 *The Fool*

Little Baron

I am posting tomorows card this evening since I have to leave early and meet my friends in London to go househunting.

The card for the 6th is The Fool

I see this card as being quite prominant for me tomorrow. New beginnings are what the day is all about; starting another year of university with my (excellent) housemates, finding a new house, not sure where our journey is going to take us. Our Fool takes a step in the darkness, and that is, kind of, what we will be doing.

The Phantasmagoric Fool looks happy. He is stepping towards us, as apose to away or to the side, like he is depicted in many decks. Or is he/she? The Fool's leg is kind of gravitating towards the right and could send him jumping off into the darkness, rather than to where his little friend seems to be guiding him. He wears a star on his bag, question marks on his hat. Like the Fool, do not know where our steps will take us tomorrow; we are not 100% sure what area we will be living in. It is all quite exciting, this journey.

Not sure what to make of the brush makes in a circle behind him. Are they some sort of protection?

Graham Cameron says of this card -
"The curtains are open and the universe is stretched out before us. Welcome to the world of The Fool, where there are no boundaries. The Fool's world is full of new territoriesand frontiers. The Fool has awaken to his earth-bound conciousness; he challenges conventional truths and demonstrates alternatives to us. The Fool is ahead of his time, an outcast.
The Fool hates routine and dislikes althority; he is in touch with the child within. The Fool learns from his mistakes. He trusts the universe and fears nothing it offers. He lives in the present and lives to feed a thirst for new experiences. A small pink dog sits in the foreground.; he will bark at the Fool to warn him of going too far, but the fool does not listen. He is oblivious to worldly concerns and carries nothing but a knapsack of necessities. The fool challenges us to dare.
Young at heart, inventive, taking risks, cheerful, individuality, fresh ideas, blind impulses.
Reverse: Irresponsible, naive, crazy, out of control, unrealistic, hazy, stupid, lack of focus."

I look forward to seeing how this one manifests tomorrow!!!



Good luck on your search, Yaboot! That sounds very exciting!

I love this Fool! Well, I love the Fool card in general, but I really like how GC has the character coming towards us instead of off to the side.

I like his tall hat, because if he (she?) looks down to see where he's going, the hat will fall off. I think there's a bit of pride in this Fool; he likes being the carefree spirit. It defines him, in a way. But this is not a pretentious sort of pride. This is the kind of pride you see in a little kid that tugs on your sleeve and shouts, "Look what I can do!"

I've always associated a child-like quality with the Fool, and I think this Fool epitomizes that characteristic nicely.

Have a great day, Yab!




He seems to be at the very tip top beginning of reality. He still doesn't have both feet on the ground and his position looks precarious. But his dunce cap looks like it's tuned into the astral frequency, and as he steps down into matter he is starting to ask questions of the universe. But he is careless with his pack, so I don't think the questions are "what is there to eat?" nor "where will I sleep?", but "why are dogs soft?" and, "do stars fall because they got tired?". Whether or not he finds an answer to these questions, just asking them will open him up to opportunities and experiences closed to those who have lost the capacity to wonder or wander.


I see the fool here as brave..he dares to walk around in the dark without knowing were he is going. I think thats both naive and brave. He has so much trust in himself and the goodwill of the universe that he lets it take him.
I see the hat as a proof of his connection and trust with the "above" its like a little phone line connecting him with the universe.

Good luck house hunting yaboot!



The Ace of Fools, or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Dance Like Ginger

There is something rather phallic in this dunce cap, it really reaches to the sky, huh? The thrill of the game, exploration, new territory--boing! Oh my, I've been looking at those Rohrig cards too much.

Still, it rather has the energy of one of the Ace cards, particularly the Ace of Swords pointed skyward in tempered majesty, a surrounding borealis, the glow of promise and open-mindedness. Kind of makes you want to go hiking.

Now those steps remind me of platforms in old Fred Astaire movies. He and Ginger would dance down those stairs almost effortlessly, pirouetting and tapping until your heart felt like it was going to lift like a billowing cloud, or Ginger's chiffon dress. The Fool has a little star on his pack, which looks like a dangling carrot in front of him the way he shoulders the stick with the pack at the end, enticing him forward to new experiences. The little dog has stopped to do some yoga while waiting for The Fool to complete his choreographed dance of joy, ever watchful of his friend's missteps, while remaining in the alternate leg stretch for several minutes, and thus enjoying increased benefits.

The Fool rushing forward to meet what time has to offer, cheerfully, expectantly, and swinging his arms with eyes full of the light of possibility.


well, since I'm starting fresh here, I figured I'd begin with the Fool. I really appreciate having everyone else's thoughts on the cards, it adds more dimensions... and I'm not the most observant of people when it comes to little things (or not so little things), like how the hat is disproportionate and may slip off, or that the dog is doing yoga! haha. So, thanks. I know I'm going to enjoy following in you guys' tracks.

my thoughts on the fool... what struck me the most was two things. First, he is not even touching the ground or the platforms. He's kinda floating on tiptoe in front of the structure. Also, why is he twisted like that, with his arm all the way behind him? What an odd way to hold oneself. (Is he doing yoga too?) Or perhaps he is engaged in a "Simon Says" game with the dog...("stretch your left leg out...")... or even saying look what strange position *I* can get in... ("can you do this?)

Also, I think the circle of cloudy brush strokes relates to the whole "zero" thing... just understated.

I'm sure I'll have more to say....



Yes, I really like how his feet don't touch the ground. I think it relates well to the Zero. Reminds me of a catalyst in chemistry- it does not become involved in the chemical reaction, but without it the reaction would never have taken place.

Little Baron

Do Now and Think About It Later

Looking at this card, I think of nothingness. The nearly empty backdrop makes me think of zero - this is the point where something is yet to happen, something is about to happen. And this Fool is ready to take those first steps, with no background or previous experience. This is what makes him (or her) so exciting. He is is the kind of unconventional person that will jump into something without thinking about the concequences. This makes him exciting to be around, but at times, a little dangerous; maybe even a little naive. The foot, sprung out to the right, may suggest he isn't even going to sweep down those stairs - instead, he may just jump right off into that black void - the right (his left) being the future - in this case, the unknown future. He teases the dog. The dog has no idea, like The Fool, in which way he will jump, and I think it is that 'unknown', that unconventional and weightless energy that is the essence of this card.

This card symbolises a time where worry and anxiety is not important. This is not a time for making big decisions that will change the rest of your life. This is a time for impulse. Do now and think about it later. Take a sicky from work and have a ball with your friend; go on a spending spree, even though there are bills to pay; take a different and exciting role in the bedroom with your lover; change your hairstyle on a whim.

But remember, when this card is reversed, these spontaneous antics may be becoming a little old hat. Life is about responsibilities as well as just having fun. People may find it hard to trust you for you never do what you say you are going to. This behaviour may once have been fun for both you and others but your casual lifestyle is becoming a drag for those around you and your flitting from one thing to another, or one person to another is doing nobody any favours - especially yourself. On the other hand, the reversed card, for the more rigid of us, might suggest that a jump off the side of those steps is exactly what you need - a loosening up, a getting back into the swing of life and the nature around you.


The Fool

I like the sky in this card. The fool looks like he's stepped out of a circle of darkness and is coming into the light. The sky is dark, but the steps he is taking are bright and cheery.