Phantasmagoric - The Empress


In a effort kick start this thread again - I thought we could start covering the cards that aren't included on the existing threads.

What Graham Cameron says about the card "Welcome to the Garden of Creation. Meet the Empress, the most powerful female of the stage. A competitive Woman, the Empress holds the power to dominate. Her power lies in intelligence and a direct awareness. She is a woman of the world. Upon her shield is the eagle symbolizing a domineering person. Elegance, spendor and sensuality are her characteristics. The Empress knows how to fertilize the garden of our lives. She gives birth to our heart's desire. She views all creatures of this world as her children. The Empress is a goddess whose sole motivation is love."

As well as the eagle - the whip (along with the kinky boots) gives her the aura of a dominatrix - adding the the feeling of a domineering force in our lives. The tilt of her head and eyes makes it seem like she's looking down on us - or maybe it's just another domineering trait? Does she approve of us, or is she just trying to exert control over this phase of our life.

She has a pentacale on her lapel - is this to show her ties to the High Priestess?

Hope there are other Theater newbies who want to continue this thread. There are many more cards to cycle through.


Until this point, I haven't good a good 'mom' feel from the Empresses I've seen. Generally, they seem too passive and feminine. Loving of course, but weak. This Empress is impressive.

Whips in my mind are more defensive than aggressive, to fend off something else. And the shield. She's definately a protective mother. Dressed to intimidate.

The spike on her left breast really catches my attention. I could read so much into that. I have a mental image of her holding a child, head resting in her right elbow, the spike above the childs body to ward off any attackers. I'm sure that's dramatic, but the idea is strong.

The collar around her neck concerns me, though, because there's a leash coming from it. We're left to wonder what the leash is attatched to, is someone holding it? It's behind the sheild, maybe it's attached to that?

I does appear that she's looking down on us. But her eyes to me, seem warm, despite the icy shade of blue. Is she frowning, or is that just a look of concentration? Whether she approves or not, I feel like she is judging carefully.

rovingjay - I know you haven't been around in a while, but I do hope you come back. I'd like to continue with this study group. I'm a newbie, as well, still waiting for the deck to arrive in the mail. I thought it wouldn't hurt to jump in, now.


This is an empress thar makes thing happen in the theater, she is not just passive and loving. The force of creation is in the card along with the symbol of the roman empire (the eagle).


I would like to join the study group. I find this deck very interesting.
I hope you do the rest of the cards.

Girl Archer

I would sure love to get a move on with the rest of the cards. It is an utterly fascinating deck that requires much study and together, we can make that a fun journey :)