Phantasmagoric Theater - 3 of Wands (Invisible Surgeon)


I drew only cards we've covered, so I cut the deck and this card came up. I so admire Graham's wonderful personal touches. I love the name Invisible Surgeon, and I like how the Surgeon is himself the third wand guiding the other two wands (stilts) and those who are "attached to" them, ie: depend upon his leadership- those hopeful, trusting looking dolls. His nose seems to point boldly forward, his hat perhaps denotes scholarship, or maybe it is in the style of Marco Polo's time and symbolizes exploration. His white outfit shows his purity of intention, and his height an elevated, far-seeing vision that encompasses a broader view-and bigger picture- than his dolls can see.

Graham's booklet says: "Stilt-walking around the circus tent, the Invisible Surgeon again leads the way by his own example. He moves dolls around the tent by attaching them to his stilts. A character with great originality, he teaches how important it is to take the first step. He demonstrates a purposeful determination, and practices what he preaches.
Divinitory Meaning: The Three of Wands represents the principle of leadership, showing the way.
Reverse Meaning: Not practicing what we preach, lack of drive."

Little Baron

Phantasmagoric Theater - 3 of Wands

The card shows a scene from a circus of some kind. One 'man' stands on stilts. Below him, on wheeled trays and attached to the stilts, are two other characters - neither have any legs but wear big grins on their faces. These grins, however, are pretty emotionless. One carries the 'three wands' of the card. They look as though they are supporting the stilt-walker. This card may concentrate on team work - working together at some kind of creative pursuit to achieve results.

Just reading through the lwb, it says that the two characters with the Invisible Surgeon are dolls, which he moves around the tent with his stilts. I can not be sure if they have souls and personalities, or are just toys, but the card, apparently, represents the principle of leadership and showing the way; leading by example. The Invisible Surgeon demonstrates a purposeful determination and practices what he preaches.

I can see this 'first step' being taken in the card, since it is adopted by the masculine 'three' - a move forward. There is action in the three, and I feel, in this card, taking responsibility for yourself.

This is the first ideas I had for the card, taken from my daily draw notes. Any ideas?