Phantasmagoric Theater - Five Coins


Well, this card has taken on a particular meaning for me. My husband is a Libra with Aquarius rising (Air and Air), and my son is a Capricorn with Leo rising (Earth and Fire). They both are very practical with money. For those readers who haven't been following my last couple of spreads (Water Cup Desert and Japonica's Map), I'm a Picses with Scorpio rising, and while I don't spend more than I have, I consistently spend as much as I have. I'm hardly destitute and out in the snow (RWS), but psychologically there is a sense of want that I'm trying to overcome rather than appease. So, this card reminds me of my approaching my husband and son for advice, since I'm trying to, as Graham says, confront my limitations, and acheive a sense of balance and well being (the Temperance card in position 9, Water Cup Desert Spread).
Visually, I like this card, with it's little blue faced poppet in his ragged clothes braving establishments that have coins and diamonds on their doorways, a hopeful expression on his face. He seems to have more faith in the universe to care for him, if he is willing to apply himself, than the figures in the RWS card.

Graham's booklet states: "Jake has unexpectedly lost his job at the Guest House and due to limited skills, he is having a difficult time finding another job. He does not allow himself to become discouraged; instead he approaches a new hotel in order to develop his skills."

Divinitory Meaning: "The Five of Coins encourages us to confront our limitations and develop our abilities."


I don't like this card much :(
Its brave of dear Jake to go looking for an other job but the people he walks to don't look that friendly or welcoming. They look like they are going to reject Jake...he does not suspect that yet seeing the sweet smile on his face...
Maybe i'm to gloomy here.....It just looks to me that jake has a lon road ahead of him before he will find a new job:(


ps sorry for my late reply. Had little free time and did not want to rush write my responses...the phantasmagoric theater is a too good of a deck to deserve that


Five of Coins

I agree, those two people standing in the doorway don't look too friendly. I don't think that hotel will be in business very long if the employees have such a bad attitude.

If Jake has to start all over on the bottom rung of the ladder anyway, maybe he should think about trying something other than the hotel business. I wouldn't want to work for those two grouches.


On the 5 of Coins, Jake has lost his job. He looks kind of poor and is dressed in an old-fashioned manner, but has a friendly, honest face. Graham writes that he used to work in the Guest House, so that must mean Jake likes to be around people and wants to make them feel at home. He could definitely make me feel at home: despite setbacks, he smiles kindly.

Graham writes that Jake got fired due to his limited skills. Jake knows he can overcome this problem, though, and thus approaches another hotel in the village to apply for a job and to learn new skills.

The two people in the doorway of the hotel look anything but welcoming, and have a disapproving look on their faces. If I’d see someone looking like that to me, I’d probably turn around and walk away! The contrast between Jake and those two is huge. And the way the coins are placed even make it look as if they are showing off their wealth.
But Jake doesn’t give up. He knows that it doesn’t hurt to try, even though it’s obviously not going to be easy. Standing before the hotel, he smiles kindly to the two men.

I just noticed that even though there are five coins shown, there are six diamond-symbols. Do you think this could show the potential to move on to the 6 of Coins?

I like this card - Jake is so courageous!



The boy who is outside seems very optimistic and he have a big smile. The two people inside seems to be very serious and closed-minded. They don't seems ready to accept the smiling boy.


Haven't you heard the expression "Everything's jake"??

The two chaps at the doorway are Adolph and his partner Bill, who have just invested a pile of money renovating and decorating the Five Coins Bed and Breakfast. Well, "bed and breakfast" is a bit of a misnomer since it used to be the mansion of a former railway king, and is a huge rambling house with an imposing facade and gardens.

But it's a classy place, and given Bill's superb talent in the interior decoration field, it is going to be known for it's outré approach to thematic rooms, and the floral arrangements fresh from the on-site gardens.

Naturally, Adolph and Bill are somewhat skeptical when they see Jake approaching. He looks like he slept in a hay wain, which might have been charming in the 18th century, but is hardly the demeanor they want fronting their posh digs.

Look at Jake's smile though: sincerity, innocence, a need to please, all the attributes for a first class doorman and bellboy. Bill immediately thinks "wardrobe overhaul" and Jake is overjoyed that someone is going to give him a chance. He's taking that bookkeeping course at night you know, and eventually wants to be a front desk sort of employee, and perhaps be involved in some marketing and advertising ventures for the Five Coins B & B.

Things are jake, but that cap has got to go!