Phantasmagoric Theater - Nine of Wands


Graham's booklet says: "The Plasticine Junky, a master of illusion, has invited his new students to help him in his most famous act, sawing the mystery box while he lies inside. He cannot complete this trick alone so he puts his trust in others, which helps them feel good about their own lives.
Divinitory Meaning: The Nine of Wands reminds us of the importance of other peoples' contributions.
Reverse Meaning: Refusing support, having too much pride."

I love the look and energy of this card- and another great name, too; The Plasticine Junky. A Circus setting seems ideal for this card, as sometimes (and as the knives in the block to the side hint at) creating illusions can be a risky business. The surgical masks and his position, lying down with saws being wielded around him, remind me of the trust you must put in a surgical staff, as well. An interesting reversal from the RWS man who isn't inclined to trust anyone, but who would perhaps be safer in a group of like minded people than in attempting to defend himself in isolation. Perhaps he is overy sure of his stance- "I'm on a hill, I have a big stick, I don't need any help."- whereas if he viewed his invulnerability and isolation as an illusion (since he is already wounded he is obviously not invulnerable, and everyone is interconnected), he might invite the cooperation of others, which would relaese him from the mystery box of an "everone is against me" mentality. Here the Wands energy "coming at you from outside" is not something to take a stance against, but something you can, in fact must, completely rely on to meet your own goals.


I like this card, too. I love the fact that the illusionist is smiling up at his students. Now that would inspire confidence, wouldn't it? It says, "Yes, I have faith in your abilities. You can do this!"

And you're right, Galadriel -- it's a much more positive readiness than the RWS card. The RWS 9 Wands seems to be hanging on by a thread, he's ready but this will probably be his last battle. This card seems to be emphasizing the students' readiness. They are not just ready to perform this illusion, but they are nearly ready to become illusionists in their own right. They have their whole careers ahead of them! Very uplifting.




This is one of the few cards that leaves the rws meaning. maybe its a numeroligy thing? Graham seems to have something with numbers.

I have trouble liking this card. Not because its not rws..i like the meaning in the lwb. But because it looks so dangerouse. But maybe thats what trusting others is..its letting yourself be vounerable around others...Showing them your soft spot.