phantasmagoric-- who are you


Hi all,
We have referred to it in many post along the way but i was thinking this to deserve its own little thread.

So wich card or individual represents you?

As an answer to my own question i am ( most of the time) Maggie queen of wands...especially her brushes and pencils fit me perfectly.
But wen i encounter to much of "felix "infulences in my life ( two of coins ;) ) i tend to be more of a Polly person ( four of cups)
And in the background there is alsways the empress wich is my soul and personality card .... the person i can / hope to become once up on a time ;)



Among the Majors, I see myself in the space and water (I assume from the seahorses, the Cancer sign, and the fact that the puzzle piece in the corner is "female") travelling Chariot, and also in the Moon man. In the minors, I identify strongly with Fizzy, the Queen of Cups, and Scoop in the 7 of Cups.


I am either Bundy or Madam Lola, but 85 % Lola.

Turning the phone off for days and days and days, and determined that the Sandwitches will get enough food and that no one will waste my time.

Peanut Butter and Chocolate ice cream for everyone!

Little Baron

So, who am I?

Not so sure and I don't think I can bring it down to just one character.

I am ...

I see myself in the Princess of the Labyrinth (5 Swords) ... due to the fact that I am a hypocondriac.

I also see myself in the little guy with the mask on the left of the 9 of swords card - did you see my pics in the chat forum LOL

I often see myself as the Lunatic of Negativity.

Probably not the best of characters but there you go.

**Just looked through again. How wonderfully cute is 'X' on the Seven of Cups. Look at those little outstretched arms and that look of disapointment. Arrrrrrr! He is too lovely. I hope he visits our daily sessions soon.



Wishful thinking would make me Candy, the writer in the 4 of Coins. But I think most people who know me see me as the Fool. They tend to want to protect me, which I will have no part of, of course! And I suppose my tendency towards air-headedness also contributes to this view! ;)