Pierre Madenié Tarot Facsimile is launched

Le Fanu

It deserves to be out of stock EVERYWHERE. This is the most beautiful Marseilles edition of recent years. It deserves to be a classic and highly desirable. I say that because I have three copies :D I've got mine for when everyone is clamouring!

A wonderful contribution to the Marseilles universe

Krystal Mystic

Hello, Yves!

I am very fortunate to own a copy of the Pierre Madenié. It is a beautiful deck. Congratulations on selling all 3000 copies.

I am very excited to hear of your plans to publish the Payen 1713. I like that deck very much because of its similarity to the Jean Dodal, which is my favorite deck. I will DEFINITELY be purchasing the Payen.

Thank you for all your hard work in giving all these lovely old decks a new life.


Phew! Got mine just in time :-D

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Wow, just under the wire as well!

Eagerly awaiting the upcoming decks.


Its a wonderful and sad day when things like this happen. Truly an amazing deck. It is a benchmark in the way historic reproductions should be handled. It's sad that I didn't pick up a spare copy.

Le Fanu

I have to say - much as I love and buy all the other reproductions worked on by Yves - that the Madenié feels very different from the others.

I don't quite know what it is - maybe the original is in better condition (?) Maybe it is overall a gentler, sweeter, more welcoming deck than the Heri, Chosson and Burdel. Maybe the colours in the original are better preserved. Plus the cardstock is slightly different in the reproduction.

For me, another significant factor is that the eyes are sharper, the lines clearer, which together make the faces more expressive.


hi Yves,

gorgeous deck... I've ordered my copy, can't wait to see that from real... thanks a lot for this precious work!

by the way are there other tarots editions planned?
and what about reprinting some old marseille-style piedmontese deck, like the cheminade?

I would love a Cheminade deck repro!

Yves Le Marseillais

Cheminade tarot

I would love a Cheminade deck repro!

Bonjour DejaVoo,

This tarot is on my "to do list".

Not for 2018 because I have two other tarots booked for 2018.
But in short time for sure.

Have a nice Sunday,