Hi all, I have drawn the card, A Collective of Pixies, with truly awesome regularity. In fact the last three draws (I do three card draws) it has come up every time!! I shuffle the cards, fan them on the carpet and pick at random. And I don't even do it every day, sometimes several days go by.
I have thought a lot about this card now. It seems to me it is about several ideas, all pulled together. It seems to me it about doing your duty, your everyday responsibilities, but with gladness, no slacking, and with joining with others to make the work light. These are the duties you do year in, year out, no especial interest to them but they must be done. I suspect that they are the duties that help others or even the world at large. But if you do them lightly, joyfully, working with, helping and being helped by others, they flow along.
I would also like to share another experience. I travel a lot for work, in fact I am about to travel considerably more than I will be home for the next three weeks. Not all one trip. So my last draw, just before I headed out earlier this week, was the Pixies, as above, and also I got The Journeyman and the Master Maker. So, here I am, faced with a very heavy workload and responsibility, on top of travelling, and my mind is shying away from it all a bit. The Journeyman reminds me of the I Ching hexagram which gives counsel about travel. About how you should travel carefully and respectfully, remembering that you are among those who do not know you. But the fae card adds that sense of adventure and wonder at new sights and tasks. The Master Maker I thought was reminding me that all work needs to be carefully done, with great attention to detail. I was thinking on my way home last night, that when you do a great deal of work, and pay much attention to detail, oddly enough the final product seems simple and obvious. As if it were no work whatsoever. No effort. I guess that may be the mark of a master (I am not claiming that I achieved that! but after hours of painataking work, the final product looked so simple!)

Just a thought. Marion


My Faeries' two cents

Interesting ....

The Pixies, to me, are dance partners. I see them dancin' the eternal faery boogie, the dance of life. They remind me to wiggle more, laugh more, be loose. Be casual about life, not so wound up.

The Journeyman has always reminded me of Tarot's Fool card. The walking stick symbolism, and also his own outlook as he walks his path. To see him come up with a journey planned would give me comfort :).

And the Master Maker, this is gonna sound odd but, to me I see this as a combination of the Magician, Hanged Man and High Priestess. Aspects of all three of those Tarot cards (and to me, those energies) are in the Master Maker and WOW! To get that as well just seems loaded with spiritual messages. The body language of the card, especially the Maker's position (suggesting an upright Hanged Man and Magician's arms) is what led me to these conclusions.

In any case, it sounds like your Fae are inspiring your work! Most excellent!


Those Pixies!

Marion, the first thing that came to mind when I read your thoughts about the Pixies was the phrase: "every act a ritual." Together with the other cards you mention, there does seem to be a message there are about finding magic in the routines of life, and appreciating things that might ordinarily escape notice -- thereby making them very special, indeed. I agree with Alissa, for the three cards you drew to be inspiring your work is awesome!



wow, such different out looks we all have. I can definitely see "where" Alissa would get that from the Mastermaker but...I see it as a card saying don't take work so seriously. Remember, you choose to do this. To truly be a Master at what you do, you have to find happiness in doing it. To me, it's a reminder of saying that I am happy at what I do, and it's time to remember that happiness. Mixed with the journeyman, wow. To me he means an adventure is about to start, and like all adventures, you will have your good and bad times. To go on an adventure takes a lot of courage and wit. Once you start placing one foot in front of the other with the determination to succeed, you have the journeyman. The collection of pixies, I'm not very familiar with that card as i've seen it in passing, but never had it come up in a reading, so i'm not sure what that one means to me.

What a great post. I always love seeing how different our fae's are in their meanings to us. Like Alissa said, it's as if holding up a mirror and your only projecting your own insides of yourself onto the card helping you see the message through the mirror, but in a gentle fashion!