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Little Baron

Neally done now; just the printing to finish.

I never went ahead with the tarot idea in the end. As a reader, and knowing all of you readers out here on Aeclectic, I felt that if I was going to do a deck then it would need to be readable and i thought that throwing one together in a couple of months would not be feasible. Also, due to the nature of my brief, it would probably not be considered to be 'fashionable' as such. To complete a deck that had both of those considerations would take longer than the time I had.

Therefore I continued with the idea of using mannequins for my photoshoots and in the end, designed an illustrated playing deck. It's done now and I have the first 25 printed.

Thanks to you all for your support and thanks to Aastra for giving me the idea of using mannequins in the first place.

Heres a few samples. The quality of print is excellent (thanks to my friend Dean) but they do not show so well in my scans unfortunately. you should get the general idea though.

Thanks all and best wishes



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Little Baron

4 more

4 more cards


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Little Baron

queen close up

a close up of the queen


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One word - WOW!

These are brilliant; they must have taken you ages. If you ever decide to make a tarot deck, reserve a copy for me, because those cards are beautiful. You have real talent.



Now we'll be looking forward to seeing what grade this gets! You're right, for a short term project, especially in this type of course, trying to do a full, or even partial, Tarot deck is a bit of overkill. (or a prescription for burnout, maybe?)

I do think you've gotten the beginnings for a really interesting style, though, and will look forward to seeing what comes next, even if it isn't strictly Tarot. PM me if you post anything further on the web, please?

Little Baron

Thank you both; that means a lot - especially after having to share my room with these two for the past couple of months!

I am glad that you like them. They are the kind of images I would be happy with in a deck and I am happy with the photography and styling. In reality, the images are crystal clear and the card I have used is nice, thick and glossy. I probably will use them afterwards, which will be nice since they are unique. There is a darkness and sad side to some of the images that I look for when I buy a deck and some of the images have a 'sexy' edge to them as well.

Much appreicate your comments. Here's a few more.



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Little Baron

My deck

and a few others


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