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Well, i'm new here. hey, sup. any way, i'm going to get a jump on things and ask right away: does any one know how to make a deck of tarot cards out of regular plying cards. I knwo it can be done, i read it some where, but it didnt' say how, or what the meanings of each card would be. I'd really loooove it if you'd like to help me out here. a link, just some info, anything. thanks *bows deeply*.


well i thought of this too and this is the idea i came up with (doubt its original)
get some plastic card sleeves for the regular cards
printout images for the tarot
insert with regular cards so they have a regular card "back" and tarot front and are protected by the sleeve from wear

Rusty Neon

I'm not exactly sure what your question was, but ...

For playing card divinatory meanings, you have a host of choices, including the following:

(1) Anglo-American tarot meanings for the minor arcana (e.g., Rider-Waite, etc.)

(2) your own meanings based on numerology and suit for the pips and court characteristic and suit for the courts

For the court cards, you could, alternatively, choose a major arcana card to represent a given court card.

(3) traditional playing card divinatory meanings drawn from Anglo-American, French, Italian (and other European) sources

** There seems to be very little standardization, however.

(4) meanings from various oracle decks that are based on playing card suits, numbers and court ranks (e.g., Gypsy Witch deck).

Tell me if you'd like further info.

Sea Sprite

Book title: Playing Card Divination for Beginners: Fortune Telling with Ordinary Cards by Richard Webster

Rusty Neon

The twelveofhearts is a source of free info on one person's take on playing card cartomancy meanings. It's certainly not the only take.

The approach there to the pips is based on numerology and suit.

Consistent with (some or all of the) traditional Continental European cartomancy schools, Spades is seen as a negative suit.

I'm not endorsing the twelveofhearts book and know nothing about it except from skimming the free Chapter 3.

Based on Chapter 3 (Heart of Suits), numerology and suit is employed in the card descriptions/analyses, but the pip card meanings seem to be RWS-influenced. Numerology and suit seems to be applied so as to render the RWS meanings.


Hey silverwolf:

I was into playing cards for a while (still am actually) but found that there is no single system for the interpretation, and I haven't found any system that works well yet. For me, anyway. But it's worth having a look into, if only because it can help you look beyond the tarot itself into other systems.

This is a webpage with the results of my adventure into playing cards...

(to me, hearts are cups, clubs wands, diamonds coins and spades swords, and these are the correstpondences I have found most common. That should help get you underway...)


I use playing cards. i just use the normal meanings for the cards as tarot cards. swords are spades. wands are clubs. cups are hearts and pentacles are diamnods... jacks are nights and i guess there ain't a page. but oh well!!! i guess with out the major arcana u can't really look at the big picture or to far into the past or future. but who is really worried about that ne way