Please, I need some feedback



You need to ask yourself two questions.

1. Is this a moral person. If no, then go home.
2. Does this person have a legitimate tarot reading skill?
If no, then go home.

If they're both yes, I think you should be okay.

Good luck,




First off, Gary is, of course, right.

However, it occurs to me that if this woman is as clairvoyant as she seems she has chosen you for a very good reason - she must feel you have the necessary ability and potential. Also, if she has loyal clients presumably they don't find her too shallow. As a gypsy, it may be part of her own background that makes her seem shallow: after all, fortune-telling has always been regarded as a poor relation - and perhaps being so sensitive requires a great deal of grounding on her part. As for her method of teaching, there's nothing to stop you going along with it for now and taking what works for you and discarding the rest. I can imagine that inheriting a ready-made clientele is flattering but also daunting, but I think as long as your motives are genuine the outcome must be positive.

I'm sure if you run a spread for yourself you'll plenty of feedback and good advice here. Whatever you usually use should work, although if I've got a question I normally go for a full Celtic Cross to get a complete picture.

Good luck, whatever you choose to do!



Is she planning on teaching you as her understudy or as a paying pupil? If it a money making proposition for her I would back away. If not, I don't see why you couldn't benifit from the experience.

Information itself isn't worth diddly, it's what you do with it. You may learn some very valuable things from her but that doesn't mean you have to alway use her techniques. I'm assuming that once you start doing your own readings you'll find a process that works for you and your clients. That's the way the learning process works.


Hi Diana,

I?m not gonna suggest wehter you should let her teach you or not, that decision is intirely up to you - but you also mentioned maybe doing a reading on it - so I wantet to give you an alternative to the CC.

This spread is originally postet by mojo, and is about making a choice:


Card 1 : This card represents the querent in regards to the question - this is the root or driving motivation
Card 2 : This card represents something the querent knows or something they can see about this situation
Card 3 : This is something the querent DOESN'T see, but needs to know
Card 4-5-6 : This represents one choice... I usually assume this to be following one's head.
Card 7-8-9 : This represents the other choice. I usually define this as following one's heart

4 & 7. This is something the querent needs to do to make this work
5 & 8. This is something that needs to be done on the querent's behalf by someone else in order for this to work
6 & 9. This is the expected outcome of this choice

Maybe this will do you good.


There has been some very good advice here.
I agree that you should look at it logically, from a moral/ethical view. If she is an ethical person, but just radically different, learn what you can from her. Don't use what doesn't work. Perhaps having a really different approach in addition to the "standard" studies will allow you to grow in ways you'd never imagine!
As for the clientele, ask her if you can be present for some of the readings, or to have some sort of introduction before she goes, so the people feel a little more comfortable with you. Once she "retires," and you are actually reading the people, explain to them nicely that your techinque is a little different, and then read them as you would normally.
This will weed out any clientele that want to hear silly fortune-telling from those who sincerely want answers and guidance.
But this sounds like it could be a wonderful opportunity.
Another suggestion for a spread is the 15-card Golden Dawn spread, which is used when there is a crossroads (or two choices), and it gives info on spiritual and psychological influences.

13 9 5 ..........4 8 12
.........2 1 3
14 10 6 ........7 11 15

Card 1 represents the querent & nature of problem.
Cards 2 & 3 are key to describing the nature of the situation and the personality of the querent.
Cards on upper right are the direction your life would go if no action is taken; staying the course.
Cards on upper left indicate possibilities of alternate action.
Cards on lower left indicate your psychological needs & the basis.
Cards on lower right show karmic forces beyond your control. Can constitute advice as well.
Hope that helps.


Diana: All of the comments are thoughtful & insightful; offer excellent advice!
As LouiQ stated, there is a reason why the woman chose you, & not someone else! The opportunity to learn from one with a unique knowledge & experience is an honor; a golden opportunity that can be embraced.
If you feel the need to do a reading on it first, do so. Try to approach it with an open mind. If you decide to accept the offer, be prepared to adjust to her "language". As others have said, take what you can use from it. You will undoubtedly expand your own understanding in the process.
Ultimately, only you can make the choice.
Blessings to you--or perhaps *good fortune* to you would be more appropriate!


I too think that perhaps this lady can see something in you. It would be a unique experience for you to learn her method of tarot reading, she obviously wants her methods to live on, but you have the choice as to whether you use them or not - you can learn traditional card reading from many books but this ladys method you may not come across again. Hope this helps :)