Please recommend Doreen Valiente titles


I have read Rebirth of Witchcraft and loved it. Is there anything in particular by Doreen Valiente you consider a must for every collection? Or for that matter, any of the big names...Doreen Valiente, Dion Fortune, Gerald Gardner, the Farrars and so on?

I guess I'm asking for the beginnings of a useful and dynamic pagan witchcraft classics library.


Doreen Valiente books that are really good:
'Witchcraft for Tomorrow'
'Natural Magic'
'ABC of Witchcraft'

Every one of those is well worth a read. I'd say she's one of my favourite witchcraft authors.

Dione Fortune novels that I've read and really liked;
'The Sea Priestess'
'Moon Magic'

The Farrars:

The only book I've read of their's is 'The Witches Bilbe'... Worth a read but very Wiccan so not for me at all.
I've never bothered with Gerald Gardner.